Robert Gibbs as Ronald McDonald
Robert Gibbs as Ronald McDonald
Robert Gibbs as Ronald McDonald. Ex White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, cashin' in on flavor. Sources Used Hi-Rez View
Member reactions:
Excellent work... good shadowing and nice finish
Dunno who or what this guy looks like but sure love the chop... Very well done and presented.
Nice to see you back again. Hope you stick around. Always enjoy your work.
David. Welcome back stranger...... Congrats on the silver. It's great to see you back and dropping in another A+++ chop. You have been sorely missed. I had to look this guy up. I guess Carney replaced him. I thought Carney was the first Press Secretary. Duhhh, out of touch as usual
Thanks all, it's great to be back. I'm glad so many of my old chopping buddies are still here. This was my first attempt (I think) at clown face. Wanderer, I've missed being called KIR LunaC, I always enjoy your work too, congrats on the gold. Hitspinner, your chops are outrageously good as ever, and I appreciate you contacting me. NewsMaster, I always appreciate your comments and marvel at your discriminating eye and niceness . I plan to submit more entries as the 2016 election season heats up. There's so much to mock out there it's irresistible. Chop on.
Congrats on the silver, KIR. How awesome to see you again... yes it'd be great to see you political chops for the 2016 elections.

Funny Robert Downey Jr Playing all Roles in Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr Playing all Roles in Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:
The original poster is magnificent, which makes it easy to face swap.

Funny Robert Durst as Gollum

Robert Durst as Gollum
Fascinating story, more dramatic than fiction. He's gotten away with a least three murders. Allegedly. Robert Durst Investigation Spreads to Other States
Member reactions:
Oooohhhh great theme for this and dark contrasting works well. Very nice work. Cheers

Funny Robert Pattinson Dressed as a Woman

Robert Pattinson Dressed as a Woman

Funny Robert Downey in Iron Man 4 Caricature

Robert Downey in Iron Man 4 Caricature
Robert Downey Jr. messes with our minds
Member reactions:
Robot caricatures is something new at FN. Love how you created the apocalyptic world here too.
Hahaha great chop. I think the last voter gave you that 1/10 of a % to sneak past me. Mine was in top slot since the first vote. Close race Dan. Congrats.
Congratulations. Love it as is the usual case.

Funny Robert De Niro Caricature

Robert De Niro Caricature
Leader of Antigua names Robert De Niro as special economic envoy
Member reactions:
Another masterpiece. But...the body is flipped. Just move the handkerchief pocket to the other side.
Also this chop rocks, but pcrdds is correct.
another jaw dropper. love the mad men 50's feel in this one and you got his likeness spot on.
Clean as a whistle. Congrats on the silver too, Funkster.
This never broke 9.0 WTF. Even has a 6 and a 7 from some ...whatever. People, this it a 10, not a 9, 8, or 7. Okay. This here chop is the measure for all forthcoming chops according to Hitspinner. It is suitable for any magazine cover, anywhere. It is a commercially viable property of the highest professional caliber. If I had the power I'd cancel this vote and make everyone vote again.... correctly Hahahahahahaha Jeeze. Magnificent work, Dan. Really should be #1 but.. I give up. Clearly I must be missing something.
Thanks everybody. I appreciate your high praise Tim, I actually like this chop better than the pope chop also even though it was much easier to create. Everything fell into place fairly easy in comparison. I totally agonized over the pope chop, worked and reworked it several times and probably overworked it. In the end I was much happier with this one....But the voters have spoken and I'll have to accept it even though I don't quite understand it either Tim...
Congrats on the Silver. Another 10 except for the pocket...
I did not see the pocket as a mistake. I saw it as a refreshing change, honestly. A pocket on the left, a fixed idea and those are the insidious little program parameters that keep us inside the trap. A pocket upside down would have even been a cool idea,
I didn't see it as an issue until Paul pointed it out cause I've actually never owned a suit in my life, . Left side, right side it's all the same to me. I mirrored the coat so it would be consistent with the light source on Robert's face and thought it would be better than mirroring his face to make it work....Peoples faces look different when mirrored. That's why a person never really sees themselves correctly when looking in a mirror as opposed to looking at a photo of themselves.
That's some great tips on the mirror effect on faces, Funkwood. And Hitz is right, it should have gotten 10s anyway. But I thought like Doc, that the body was flipped (cig also in left hand) and you would win 1st and 2nd anyway, so work smarter not harder. Your a great inspiration, and we can all learn a lot from studing your work Funkwood

Funny Robert Plant the Led Zeppelin King

Robert Plant the Led Zeppelin King
Robert Plant. Number One on the WTF-O-Meter.
Member reactions:
Excellent, but one thing...the crown looks like it's pasted on the front of his head instead of sitting on top of it.
Ahhhh, yes, it is very loosely placed indeed. There is a reason for that. Hint: Think of what Robert Plant did recently that could jeopardize his crown. Thanks Doc. Check Current news
TY Sulliishire, You bring much needed hope
Ha ha ha look at his face... full of anger and ready to rule quality chop
Great caricature, like the face and eye color
As always, top notch work, congrats on the win.
Thanks for the comments and votes, Champ, Luciano. Eric. For those of you that might be a wee bit out of the loop, Lead singer (Robert Plant) for Led Zeppelin turned down an $800,000,000.00 contract to get the band back together for a summer tour. He is indisputably rock & roll royalty so I put a squirrel in his crown signifying he's crazy and the crown in a position where it is ready to fall... due to his infinitely unpopular decision to not accept the more than generous offer from Sir. Richard Branson. In retrospect it would have been less confusing to show the crown actually falling with like a motion blur or something Also thanks to Gummy, Hobbit and Elegary
Congratulations, Hit-man. Great Caricature Face. I agree a bit crazy to turn down 800M.
Thanks Bob, Doc and SS. Well, my jaw went slack. I had to reread the number a few times just to make sure my eyes weren't malfunctioning. My God, I would perform ... with a monkey humping my head, and an aardvark surgically attached to my rump all in front of the pope for 800 Mil. No way I could turn that down, Jeeeeeepers.
Immaculate work Hit,great Robert Plant and vibrant colors.Bronze congrats my friend
TY Hobbit & LC As long as you happy I happy.
Nice caricature of Robert Plant, Hits. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Robert Downy Jr with a Dog Mouth

Robert Downy Jr with a Dog Mouth
Member reactions:
Decent blending but the dog source is very blurry. The collar is a clever touch
I change
Interesting... the bulging dog mouth looks different on him

Funny Robert Downey Expecting A Baby Girl

Robert Downey Expecting A Baby Girl
Robert Downey Jr. and his wife are expecting a baby girl
Member reactions:
Nice Balloon Effect from the nose. Clean and neat.
This could help a birth control propaganda.
Conrats Doc. I picked this to be the top chop. Ohh well the guy that beat you out is pretty good too.

Funny Julia Roberts the T-Rex

Julia Roberts the T-Rex
Member reactions:
She'll stomp anyone with these feet, hahaha.

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