The Robbery Not to be Reproduced
The Robbery Not to be Reproduced
The Robbery Not to be Reproduced. Member reactions:
, I think I saw that Egg Head guy, hit a car in the store parking lot today pulling out.Good Pic.
My second favorite, Congrats on the twofer and good pic...
Great original idea and well done. Congrats on the Cup x 2.
You have some very interesting ideas. Congratulations on your victory.

Funny Robbery Suspect Barack Obama

Robbery Suspect Barack Obama
Member reactions:
good one.... like the wall imprints and the minature of the car nice creativity
One possible alternative timeline I wish I was there . Great job Doc.
Looks real, especially Obama.. Classic Job, Paul.

Funny Crossing Guard Armed Robbery

Crossing Guard Armed Robbery
Just didn't get paid enough as a cop..
Member reactions:
She looks so peaceful when she robs. Must be Ma Baker. Nice chop
clever, nice job, too bad store pic wasnt clearer

Funny O.J. Simpson Robbery Charge

O.J. Simpson Robbery Charge
oj going to trial again, this time for robbery Please view full. Too many source to list all. Here's most of them. hotel room hitman source oj face granite texture oj trying on gloves spilled orange juice
Member reactions:
Mint work with many details. Full view this bay-bee.
The face of OJ as humorous as it is, doesn't look as crisp as his suit. Also strange cast shadow on carpet off the helmet.
Thanks slixter. I missed that shadow in my rush to submit.
Persecution of an innocent man. (not) Love it.
I live in Las Vegas, and I know something he didn't...They take their laws here very seriously, and this isn't LA. If convicted, he's toast.

Funny Robbery

... robber

Funny Robbery


Funny Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery
Everybody down. We've got rocks.
Member reactions:
hahaha, laughing my arse off, this is the funniest thing i've seen today
Alright, nobody moves, nobody gets stitch's. Exellent, Exellent
Freakin' hilarious. I love the smile sewn into the mask.
I believe the smile patch is actually a flag (Syrian.).
Palestinian. Close. Or Syrian. Beats me.

Funny Guard Sleeping During a Bank Robbery

Guard Sleeping During a Bank Robbery
Just a little while is all it takes, according to Murphies law. stick em up.
Member reactions:
Wonderful idea, shame source image was poor quality, but it must have been hard to find this.

Funny Bank Security Sleeping During Robbery

Bank Security Sleeping During Robbery
Bank Security

Funny Convenience Store Robbery

Convenience Store Robbery
Second robbery in story, must read...just for fun, laugh and move on. news title
Member reactions:
Interesting, what's that blue thing in his hand. and what's the flaming face doing there.
I get it, the blunt object was the water balloon. That is freaking funny, man. Big But You had to read the article to get it and a lot of the voters don't. When you do these news based chops the more literal, the better they will do. Make your design so obvious it practically slaps us in the face. And careful wording of the title which aids in the discription of the chop helps a lot. There you go, my two cents, dog. Cheers and thanks for the laugh
I wasn't even going to play this one, didn't want to research news, then it hit me like a frying pan.... stores get robbed every night so I new there would be a news story... somewhere. So I googled photos and wanted the crappy res store photos for ambiance and when I saw this one the first thing I thought of was to pull his arm back and give him a water balloon. Then came the hard part, finding a story that would fit. I scoured dozens of them but they all were either more than one assailant or had a description of a gun or mentioned race..... couldn't use them. After giving up I went back and searched more and when I read this story I about fell out of my chair laughing, I struck gold. What are the freaking odds I would find a story with a blunt weapon.

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