Rob Ford's New Career?
Rob Ford's New Career?
Rob Ford's New Career?. Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford has decided not to seek re-election
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Roberto's medical marijuana. He makes a good amigo.
Top 5 too, that's 4 out of 5 for Paulster. Congrats again.

Funny The Rob Ford Musical

The Rob Ford Musical
Musical about Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto
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He could compete with Charlie Chaplin or other comics. Though he is far from being silent

Funny Rob Ford leaves Canada Day parade early!

Rob Ford leaves Canada Day parade early!
Rob Ford leaves Canada Day parade early amid heckles
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Clever idea, just add some shadow to the hat
That's Rob allright. the gerbil.
So...there were other entrants-eh. I thought it was the Pcrdds contest.

Funny Mayor Rob Ford Goes To Rehab

Mayor Rob Ford Goes To Rehab
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits he needs rehab
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These two belong in one place for sure - either rehab or mad house. Great stuff.
Congrats on the bronze too, Paul. As a bonus you get visitation rights to Rob Ford and Charlie Sheen while they are in the rehab
Thanks, luciano and Newsy. I'll take a pass on that, Newsy...but I'll tell them you'll be there.
Bronze congrats. Yeah, if anyone needs rehab.... Great chop

Funny rob ford cracks me up

rob ford cracks me up
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Great. A few things I'd fix...the coins up by the shoulders are "disappearing," I'd stick the cig more into his mouth, and I'd make the shadows on his body relate to the underlying skin color.
thanks for the tips paul......its too late i'm afraid, i flattened my work so i cant go back in and change it. I am out of practice . Havent been doing any pics as of late.
It's still a great chop, hidden. Excellent caricature. Always be sure to save an un-flattened one.
thanks guys for all the comments. Its funny how much I've missed doing these chops.
OUT OF THIS WORLD. He is so funny character, have seen him high and talkative on the video.. Best self explanatory chop for him
Ahhhhh, this is awesome... Would definitely leave a mark in the Rob Ford contest we had
Welcome Back, and congratulations on the Silver Cup Robin. Great Picture...
Silver congrats, Robin, and welcome back.
Although I could write what the first one. Fantastic, excellent and very creative work. Congratulations on the second place and the silver cup cooking.

Funny Shameless Rob Ford

Shameless Rob Ford
Rob has a lucrative career as an actor waiting for him once they run him out of Toronto.
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Brilliant concept, everything is perfectly placed and looking real. Congratulations, L C..
This was very nicely done... Congrats on the Bronze LunaC...

Funny Rob Ford - 420 Blaze It

Rob Ford - 420 Blaze It
Blaze it pimpgot

Funny Rob goes shopping

Rob goes shopping
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I see you used the comedian from Saturday Night Live. Why not Ford himself.
Which one to buy... a confused and critical decision making situation like it

Funny Rob Ford in Rise of the Machines

Rob Ford in Rise of the Machines
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has an alleged substance abuse problem but denies it (even though there is a video circulating and he's been caught before) and intends on running for Mayor again.. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has no plans to step aside For those asking the KFC bucket is throwback to last years scandal: Did Mayor Rob Ford chicken out on diet. Yes, our mayor is crazy.
Member reactions:
He's nuts alright.......anyone for a game of touch football. GREAT WORK HIDDEN.
Wonderful and very creative.... KFC chicken for him is Out of the Box
Dieting is not his cup of tea... it's his cup of Crisp chicken great job done
Congratulations on Gold jest3r... Sorry about your Mayor. Most governments are failures.
Congrats on the gold, Jester. Awesome to see you again.

Funny mayor Rob Ford

mayor Rob Ford
here lies Rob Ford, Mayor of Canadas biggest city, Toronto, and a polarizing figure at that. Some of his off the wall comments include such great hits as" orientals are taking over because they are such hard workers" and just ask him about how he feels about cyclists. Ford also drew some negative press from when he confronted a newspaper reporter for snooping around his property. You can tell he is a conservative thru and thru, and when asked to join in the annual gay pride parade he declined at first. The one thing that I do admire about the man is that he does speak his own mind, never afraid to speak it. Just not always the appropriate thing to say. I guess he's human after all. As for all those freaking news friends who are not aware of canadian mayors I hope that this just gives a taste of what this man is like. I know there are quite a few freaking news members who do live in the toronto area who are probably experts on Rob Ford and his accomplishments. Cheers
Member reactions:
Fantastic work on this , but one thing (No disrespect intended) I would change the fat mans body with something more clearer.
part of his hand is covered in dark because of the shadow his head produces..... also some of the filters used muted the overall crispness of his body, not to mention there is a table in front of his body which obscures the view but all in all i am satisfied with the result. I'm more afraid of someone voting it low because its not a person freaking news is used to seeing.
Great job to put him in this caricatured image like the way the Bong's were set with fume over the place and poor kid to pitty to see them great job to present the Mayor
thanks guys and gals for all your comments
Way to go robinbobin , Silver Congrats ...
Congratulations on the Silver RobinBobin. Great Job on the Fat-Man Caricature. *~}{~*
Anoither flight of twisted wild photoshoppery from robinbobin. Congrats on the silver.

Funny What's wrong with Rob Ford?

What's wrong with Rob Ford?
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is causing a lot of news buzz last days. He admitted to smoking crack and using other illegal drugs, mixing excessive drinking with drugs, and reckless driving under influence. On Monday Toronto City Council stripped the underfire mayor of most of his powers, though keeping his title so far. During the City Council meeting, Rob Ford knocked over a city councilor, as he charged around the chamber. Photoshop Toronto Mayor Rob Ford any way you wish.

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