Rob Ford with a Bird Nest Head
Rob Ford with a Bird Nest Head
Rob Ford with a Bird Nest Head. This airhead served well for this.
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Funny Rob Ford Nation

Rob Ford Nation
Member reactions:
He got all his stuff at his place Like the Bong and the smoke effects
I'm going to miss Rob Ford, the TV News has become my favorite comedy show
Oh, Rob, we'll all miss you. He was one grazy sonofabitch.
Congratulations, D Man. It's bright, bold, and clean. Fantastic job
Thanks everyone....Toronto sure is an interesting place to live these days.

Funny Shameless Rob Ford

Shameless Rob Ford
Rob has a lucrative career as an actor waiting for him once they run him out of Toronto.
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Brilliant concept, everything is perfectly placed and looking real. Congratulations, L C..
This was very nicely done... Congrats on the Bronze LunaC...

Funny Crucified Rob Ford

Crucified Rob Ford
Oh Canada, Why have you forsaken me, Eh.
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Very clever satire. Yeah that's how he sees himself Kinda reminds me the scene from Monty Python

Funny Rob Ford Smoking Marijuana

Rob Ford Smoking Marijuana
Blaze it pimpgot

Funny Rob Ford Goes Bong Shopping

Rob Ford Goes Bong Shopping
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I see you used the comedian from Saturday Night Live. Why not Ford himself.
Which one to buy... a confused and critical decision making situation like it

Funny The Portrait of Rob Ford

The Portrait of Rob Ford
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Congratulations, Hamid. A Gold winning masterpiece.
Thanks guys for your kind comments and votes...

Funny Rob Ford Holding a Bong

Rob Ford Holding a Bong

Funny Rob Ford Smoking a Bong

Rob Ford Smoking a Bong
Member reactions:
This was my favorite one in the contest. Should have taken a cup.

Funny Rob Ford in Rise of the Machines

Rob Ford in Rise of the Machines
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has an alleged substance abuse problem but denies it (even though there is a video circulating and he's been caught before) and intends on running for Mayor again.. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has no plans to step aside For those asking the KFC bucket is throwback to last years scandal: Did Mayor Rob Ford chicken out on diet. Yes, our mayor is crazy.
Member reactions:
He's nuts alright.......anyone for a game of touch football. GREAT WORK HIDDEN.
Wonderful and very creative.... KFC chicken for him is Out of the Box
Dieting is not his cup of tea... it's his cup of Crisp chicken great job done
Congratulations on Gold jest3r... Sorry about your Mayor. Most governments are failures.
Congrats on the gold, Jester. Awesome to see you again.

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