Roaring moray
Roaring moray
Roaring moray.

Funny Roaring Lion Bird

Roaring Lion Bird
Member reactions:
Angry look and the bird stretch is great like it

Funny Roaring Boring Alice Aurora Borealis

Roaring Boring Alice Aurora Borealis
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah......
Member reactions:
Haha... I really needed a few seconds on this one.
Okay I got to give you Kudos, indeed had to think and pull out my Harry Potter footnotes

Funny Roaring Jagger

Roaring Jagger

Funny Roaring 20's Kate Middleton

Roaring 20's Kate Middleton
Member reactions:
Very good color choice and good work with merge. Nice.

Funny The Computer Mouse That Roared

The Computer Mouse That Roared

Funny The Tiger Roars

The Tiger Roars
Tiger Woods completed a comeback from personal and professional adversity on Sunday, capturing his fifth Masters title and his 15th major tournament with a victory that snapped a decade-long championship drought and instantly returned him to the top of the sports world. Only when he tapped in his final putt did Woods let loose with a joyous shout that revealed how much the victory meant to him. Image Credit: (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images). To celebrate to the scream heard round the world, photoshop this “Supplied Image” of Tiger any way you wish. For more on Tiger’s Masters Win Click Here .

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