Chinese Roadster Car
Chinese Roadster Car
Chinese Roadster Car. original roadster
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i wanna know how you kept the spokes of the wheels. Did you cut em out. Draw em. I give you top pick just for that.
oopsee, I found a hi-res pic of a spoked wheel with a white background and used the magic wand selection tool to delete the white background and get it transparent... I'm fairly lazy and always try to find the easiest way to separate images. (took maybe 15 minutes, but a long time to find the source image)
ha, no kidding, great job. I think your magic wand has a little more magic than mine, .
Woo Hoo, a champ design. Love "the old technology meets the new one" - angle.
Looks like the application of Funkwood Dynamics, again. Outrageous.
Great work(the best)
Congrats on the win, Funkster. You get the exclusive contract from the CHinese government to produce 10,000 of these Volvos.
Great entry, funk. Super clean. Looks like a failed attempt at a funny car or rail
This clever idea "spokes" for itself. Hope the new Volvo owners don't get too many ideas from this.
Yup...Funkwood dynamics. Congratulations.
Nice chop Funk, clean as they come. Congrats.
great work teacher congrats on the gold , keep rocking

Funny Orange Roadster Painting

Orange Roadster Painting
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Yeh I liked this, would'v liked to have seen wat u started with.
2's 3's 4's and 5's. Lesson learned ... going forward, must not get to artsy fartsy on FN. Thanks All
6.048. That's nuts Neo-Renior style. Friggin awesomem Xaos This chop rocks in full niew
Full view is amazing, would be nice to see sources.
Thanks Newsy, Kellie, HiT, FW. I've posted the source file for the "Orange Roadster" entry. Sources The image was rendered in Painter X with under painting and various brushes and texture settings. Once I completed the brush work in painter I brought the image into PS and continued to apply custom brush work on many layers set to different opacity and blending. Total creation time was around 16 hrs.
oh man you became artist ... this chop should get high score ... peoples should see the sources to vote you as it's deserved my friend keep up fantastic works Xman
Thx for sources Xaos, I did like this piece very much.

Funny Flying Roadster

Flying Roadster
A one passenger flying roadster.
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all-around cl concept.
It's a bitch to get a drivers/flying licence for those...

Funny Roadster

Cameron Diaz - mouth and eyes Allesandra Ambrosio - nose PAGANI Zonda C 12 S supercar - body

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