Roadside Pumpkin
Roadside Pumpkin
Roadside Pumpkin. Happy Halloween choppers.
Member reactions:
An instant classic. Love it. Going straight to my faves.
I LOVE your work... i wish his eyelashes.. .. ;p
Amazing original view and great execution. Definitely Top 1.
Terrific showing in this comp. This ones delicious 😋 Love the subtle Spooky Jack O Lantern cloud.
Beautiful work Tim, LOVE IT. Congrats on your WINS.
Congrats on Gold Fort Knox....I mean Tim. Superb composition sense, lush colour pallet and imagination supreme. I admire how often you illustrate rather than copy and paste. 😎👍🏼
Awesome pumpkin head, pumpkin innards and all the extras. Congrats on the Gold, Hits.
Thank you all and I hope you have a happy Holiday season.
Congrats on the Win, Hits. Simply Marvelous.

Funny Roadside Breakdown

Roadside Breakdown
Please view full. Here are the source images (besides the obvious one at the top): Open Road Background Woman Car
Member reactions:
Pretty much picture/photo perfect, I'd up the contrast on the man if you can a little, he's clothes look faded compared to the woman.
In the reflection on the back window you can see the top frames of both open driver side doors. You may want to show an offset reflection of his shoulder there.
Thanks for the advice. I upped the contrast a bit on the guy and increased the saturation overall. Unfortunately I had a hard time putting the guys' shoulder on the reflection. I was trying to relocate the source image of the car but the link is broken so I didn't have any reference for it so I couldn't figure out how to do it. Thanks, though.
Great composition and nice feel of proportions with respect to perspective
Congrat's. I did notice & like the changes
Congratulations UE - another great work from you.

Funny Pig Having a Roadside BBQ

Pig Having a Roadside BBQ
two hungry iguanas on a road trip through madagascar

Funny Roadside Pit Stop

Roadside Pit Stop

Funny Men Doing a Roadside Shoe Repair

Men Doing a Roadside Shoe Repair

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