Roadkill. Member reactions:
Sucking up all the air again, nice job on all 5, a couple of more first and the money pit ends for you. Congrads.

Funny Waiting for Roadkill

Waiting for Roadkill
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I really like the point-of-view of this, looking down into the fog from above, but I think you need to make the figures a little less cut-out looking..One thing I use is to put an inner shadow on the figure and set the distance low (5) size up to (40)and opacity down to (25%)... hope that makes sense. Also you might put a little noise filtering on the background layer to give it a nice smooth dreamy look. Hope this makes sense...good luck
Clever concept. Clean work. Carl has great tips.

Funny Roadkill Road Sign

Roadkill Road Sign
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Reminds me of some scary stories. Great work
Just look for the circling vultures overhead

Funny Tom Hanks at the Roadkill Cafe

Tom Hanks at the Roadkill Cafe

Funny Redneck Roadkill Squirrel BBQ

Redneck Roadkill Squirrel BBQ
Roadkill tastes even better with a lil bit of Lynard Skynard on the side. SOURCES USED
Member reactions:
I used to live next to this guy in North Carolina.
He's going ta have ta gum that there squirrel cause he's got no teeth.

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