Nancy Pelosi Witch Rituals
Nancy Pelosi Witch Rituals
Nancy Pelosi Witch Rituals. Please Preview Full Source
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Fantastic. My favorite elements are the White House in the crystal ball and Obama's voodoo doll, .
Congrats Salis, good job Looks like witch and Pelosi are synonymous too...hehe.
Lol, I think chopping Pelosi as a witch at least once is mandatory, Salis hahahahaha Nice job. I decided to demote her to Troll status for this contest
hits... so it is a ritual to chop a wich out of Pelosi every once and a while .. I didn't know that

Funny Ainu Bear Ritual

Ainu Bear Ritual
Member reactions:
I think it would do better without the border around the bear, but that's just me.
Pretty cool - I think the border adds up to the spirit here, though I would probably lose it.

Funny Taj Mahal Ritual Bath

Taj Mahal Ritual Bath
Member reactions:
Plenty of reflections going on but your missing them on the bathers

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