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Funny Rip Pictures

Mickey Rooney RIPFunny Mickey Rooney RIP
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

I thought that this would have better luck. good job

Shirley Temple R.I.P.Funny Shirley Temple R.I.P.
Member reactions:
Good Ship Lollipop Song

RIP HoffmanFunny RIP Hoffman
Member reactions:

Nice caricature... even though it's a reflection... I would clone out the white in the glasses. But regardless... excellent work.
Awesome caricature. Sad expression. His left eye looks a little small to me.
Thanks Balodiya Thanks JimShorts. I like this way. Anyway, thanks for the thought Rajeshstar lucianomorelli Thank you.
, he looks like a chipmonk, hehehe very cute. I like

Pete & Toshi Seeger R.I.P.Funny Pete & Toshi Seeger R.I.P.
Member reactions:

Music 4 Chop Here This land was made 4 U & ME
Funny reuse of A.G. Bird's feet looks cutted horizontally.

Banksy RIP Pacific OceanFunny Banksy RIP Pacific Ocean
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

I know its late but still note worthy.

R.I.P. Paul WalkerFunny R.I.P. Paul Walker
Member reactions:

Will be missed.
great work. well illustrated chop miss you Paul
, that's cool. Thank you to everyone who voted.'m Happy.

RIP PaulFunny RIP Paul
Member reactions:

Rather to burn out than to fade away. Great chop... Contender for sure
better to keep other options instead of burning out
Honestly, there is little doubt in my mind, you won this contest fair and square. It is clean, has character, is funny and has the most important quality in a chop. A fine looking A55. 7.1 is laughable
Nice work HoHouse. His head looks normal-- . Just kidding...

R.I.P.  - Rust In PeaceFunny R.I.P. - Rust In Peace
Member reactions:

Like your Acronym RIP.... well done in making the body to die in Rust... good work on the chop

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