Funny R.I.P.

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I bet you say that to all the guys that are more handsome than you. TY, all fixed
Quality work. The face lost some resemblance though. That trick with making the nose tiny and lowering / enlarging the jaw takes away quite a bit of the recognizable character from the face.
You are kidding, right. That is Princes face without anything done. I took out the modified one and put back the original But thanks... I think
Thanks John. It has taken off out there on the web. Quite a few shares already. Probably good I went back to the original face. I have a policy on changing chops that parallels Stephen King's policy on critiques. If you get negative input from one person it is opinion. If you get the same input from two, listen up and from three, you got a problem. Fix it.

Funny R.I.P. Prince

R.I.P. Prince

Funny Hillary Clinton Ripping a Poster

Hillary Clinton Ripping a Poster
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Thank you, Lucianomorelli and Hitspinner.

Funny RIP Donna Douglas

RIP Donna Douglas
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Sad, didn't know she had passed away, nice chop.

Funny RIP Joe Cocker

RIP Joe Cocker
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Nice caricature and good idea the music instead of guitar.
Excellent work, Paul. Wish it'd place higher
Thanks, Swash, balodiya, luciano and Newsy.

Funny RIP Nathan Cirillo

RIP Nathan Cirillo
This is how we should remember Nathan Cirillo Honoring a guy I do not know - but who has become near and dear somehow. Canada will always remember you Nathan. RIP
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Real heroes are mostly unknown or forgotten. Thanks idden.
RIP Nathan. Two people honored him in this contest

Funny Mickey Rooney RIP

Mickey Rooney RIP

Funny Pete & Toshi Seeger R.I.P

Pete & Toshi Seeger R.I.P
Music 4 Chop Here This land was made 4 U & ME
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Funny reuse of A.G. Bird's feet looks cutted horizontally.

Funny RIP Pacific Ocean

RIP Pacific Ocean

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