RIP Adam West
RIP Adam West
RIP Adam West. Member reactions:
Okay, I don't get it. This one is mag quality and should have done better. Oh well... next time

Funny POW POOF RIP Dear Batman

 POW POOF RIP Dear Batman
The Original, Very sad
Member reactions:
Thanks I think Hahahahaahahaha. The sad thing about 5th place is.... well, it's 5th place Hahahahaha

Funny Yesterday and Today RIP

Yesterday and Today RIP

Funny R.I.P. Obamacare

R.I.P. Obamacare
Trump Calls For Replacement Of Obamacare
Member reactions:
Let's hope that Trump has something decent to replace Obama Care with...

Funny Mr. Paxton, we salute you! RIP.

Mr. Paxton, we salute you! RIP.
Bill Paxton, salute you. RIP.

Funny R.I.P. George Michael

R.I.P. George Michael
Member reactions:
Nice blend..... Congrats on the cup, Andrew
Thank you, CraftyOne, Hitspinner and MsgtBob.

Funny RIP Waco Kid, Blazing Saddles

RIP Waco Kid, Blazing Saddles
Gene Wilder

Funny GeneWilder RIP

GeneWilder RIP
Member reactions:
Lovely chop, he was one of the good ones, he is greatly missed, congrats on the win.
Congrats on the Bronze Hits, beautifully done tribute.
Thank you Bob, HH, Champ, Andrew, Hobbit, Gummy and Crafty. Appreciate it..

Funny Anton Yelchin R.I.P.

Anton Yelchin R.I.P.
News Story
Member reactions:
Too sad, especially for the friends that found him. You should always use the emergency brake when parking, before you put it in park. It is not good to use your transmission to hold the car. Over time it makes the transmission sloppy. If you've ever put your car in park, say on a hill, took your foot of the brake and the car rolls forward until the transmission stops it is why.
Agreed, terrible loss, sad and a horrific way to die or find a friend. I carry chocks in the back for hill parking.
Congrats, Hits. Love the Sci-fi Tech backgrounds, they are great. Mezcotoyz. Awesome Tribute. RIP Anton. Such youth and talent, Damn. what a tragedy.
Congrats on the bronze. Nice work especially the hairdo
Thanks again everyone. Yeah when I had to enlarge the source pic, everything went to he11 and I had to essentially illustrate the details back. It was a real pain.
Thank you, NM, Gummy , Champ, Andrew, SS, Bob, Crafty and DD.
Grats on the tribute spinner. Bummer story.

Funny R.I.P.


Funny RIP Batman

RIP Batman
Adam West, who has died aged 88, was one of those actors who had to strive to “live down” not a failure but his greatest success. West, who was synonymous with the role of Batman in the vastly popular, campy TV series of 1966-68, could never escape his alter ego. Although he appeared in scores of films and television series throughout his long career, most reviewers, whatever the role, insisted on referring to him as “TV’s Batman”. Pay a tribute to one of the most recognizable faces in American TV history, Adam West, the Caped Crusader! To read more about Adam West and his life Visit This Link

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