Donna Douglas RIP
Donna Douglas RIP
Donna Douglas RIP. Member reactions:
Sad, didn't know she had passed away, nice chop.

Funny RIP Joe

Member reactions:
Nice caricature and good idea the music instead of guitar.
Excellent work, Paul. Wish it'd place higher
Thanks, Swash, balodiya, luciano and Newsy.

Funny lauren bacall RIP

lauren bacall RIP
Member reactions:
Master piece Looking so great..Very well executed..
Excellent caricature... her face wrinkles and the wings are well made.... good use of lights and the clouds making her an eternal angle RIP
Always excellent your caricatures. A small point is the old face on the young body.
Decent work overall. I would use her young face for the angel, and old face in the clouds. An old angel shedding feathers kinda sends the wrong message here. The hair effect you chose here looks a bit like she electrified her hair
Very nice. Who's to say what is in heaven. Until you've been there, you just don't know
Congrats Elegary. It survived the criticisms.
Very nice work Elegary. And who is to say there is no grass in heaven. You've got creative license and I'm glad you use it.

Funny RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez

RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez
rip grabriel garcia marquez
Member reactions:
Excellent work,beautiful ink pen,pencil...

Funny Mickey Rooney RIP

Mickey Rooney RIP

Funny Pete & Toshi Seeger R.I.P

Pete & Toshi Seeger R.I.P
Music 4 Chop Here This land was made 4 U & ME
Member reactions:
Funny reuse of A.G. Bird's feet looks cutted horizontally.

Funny RIP Pacific Ocean

RIP Pacific Ocean

Funny RIP Commet ISON

I know its late but still note worthy.

Funny R.I.P. Paul Walker

R.I.P. Paul Walker
Will be missed.
Member reactions:
great work. well illustrated chop miss you Paul
, that's cool. Thank you to everyone who voted.'m Happy.

Funny R.I.P. Dennis Farina

R.I.P.  Dennis Farina
Member reactions:
Awesome chop.... great effects used to show him as an angle like the stars twinkling around him
Very good characterization. Great capture of the wood.
Thanks Hitman, i'm learning from the best, and thrilled to win a cup. Thank you Paul, Rajesh, and Balodya, I appreciate your comments and congrats.
Thanks Ariel and HoHouse, and thanks HoHouse for the nice compliment, much appreciated..
Touching tribute. Congrats on the wood, Chip.

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