Weightlifter in Rio
Weightlifter in Rio
Weightlifter in Rio. Irish IOC member arrested over illegal ticket sales
Member reactions:
I heard about this. Feckin scalper hahahahaa. Fine job...

Funny Real Rio Zika

Real Rio Zika

Funny Rio 2016

Rio 2016
Spectacular Olympic opening ceremony kicks off Rio 2016 with celebration of diversity

Funny Rio the Grey Parrot

Rio the Grey Parrot
Member reactions:
Hahaha, that's perfect blending - you totally turned that serious sad parrot into a happy one.
Simply great. I would have added another Rio character.
Nice chop here. Clean work. Betcha it would have placed alot higher if you had put in on a different background & added a couple more characters.

Funny Statue of Liberty in Rio

Statue of Liberty in Rio
Member reactions:
Awesome blending, but you need to use larger sources - this one is not big enough

Funny Pole Dancing in the Rio Olympics

Pole Dancing in the Rio Olympics
Pole Dancing to be in the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Member reactions:
Great colorful chop... and this event would be the talk of the town in Rio
nice... Pegggggg.

Funny Barack Obama in Rio

Barack Obama in Rio
Obama brings change to RIO.
Member reactions:
I eased up on the contrast to make it a bit more realistic. It's all the lights at the carnival making you see green and yellow, hahahahaha. Thanx for the comment though Renegade.
Good work

Funny Rio Statue in New York

Rio Statue in New York

Funny Rio Statue with Statue of Liberty

Rio Statue with Statue of Liberty
public transport in rio under attack
Member reactions:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6214299.stm oops this was the right link.
Thanks kratos. i have been using photoshop for years bur just the basics.since joining this site i have learned so much.So much better having a comp subject idea.I am now teaching myself shadows.

Funny Rio Statue with Olympic Rings

Rio Statue with Olympic Rings
Someone put a Carnival mask on the statue. Rio Olympics 2016

Funny Remembering Rio 2016

Remembering Rio 2016
The 2016 Rio Olympics will be over in several hours. Athletes are packing their bags and going home, while the countries are waiting for their heroes who are bringing home hard-earned Olympic medals. Many countries are giving extra perks to their athletes for the medals. Photoshop any notable events or athletes from Rio 2016 Olympics. Many thanks to Dookie for the themepost.

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