The ring
The ring
The ring.

Funny The lord of the rings

The lord of the rings
Member reactions:
unfortunately you left the watermark at the bottom.
That looks like you just put a pic of a statue figurine you can buy online.If I'm wrong ,I apologize .
When I see a Gollum image, apic, a gadget, amovie scene or whatever else i think at "The lord of the rings" so I think this link is enough for the contest theme....but, of course, is just my opinion.
Add some movie credits at the bottom and you have a top entry

Funny Kangaroos in a Boxing Ring

Kangaroos in a Boxing Ring

Funny Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell Earthquake Detector

Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell Earthquake Detector
It was a brave man who tied the rope. RIP.
Member reactions:
Please replace poor animal by one of the politician from Crimea.
Lovely, remember to change the bull after every earthquake, otherwise doesn't work.
very good .... the bull will ring the bell when there is some activity
Thanks, everyone. Now, can someone come up with a pithy joke using Balance - Bull - Balls and Bell. ...

Funny Sochi Olympic Rings Stamp

Sochi Olympic Rings Stamp
Member reactions:

Funny The Lord of the Rings Minimalist Movie Poster

The Lord of the Rings Minimalist Movie Poster
Member reactions:
Yes, the one ring to rule them all...
Good work, Movie is so famous so no need to say anything other than the RING

Funny Turkey UFC Fighters in the Ring

Turkey UFC Fighters in the Ring
Member reactions:
Amazing thinking very well executed nice sportive
Great job - the dynamism, the face expression and the feathers flynbg around.
Ty NewsMaster..,,, balodiya ,,,Gummy ,,,PixJockey..GoobleGooble ...
Gongrats on the gold Pree. Ultimate fighter theme is pretty unique.
Does the bird on the right have two left arms. It still deserves the gold...CONGRATS.

Funny Freaking News Ring

Freaking News Ring
Member reactions:
Seeing that the light is coming from the left, I believe you should have the bevel highlights reversed, hidden. And, don't go with the default black and white...go with shades of the FN color.
Perhaps pcrdds is right. But when I first glanced at the image, I was thinking that the idea was to make the centerpiece appear raised. If that's the case, the highlight/shadow should not be reversed. Either way, I'd consider rotating the highlight arcs to ten and four, rather than three and nine.
I agree with pcr. I think this FN commemorative ring is a very appropriate and clever idea, but the image appears to be fairly low-res and fuzzy. There are many better hi-res source images of similar rings to choose from. Maybe replace the outer circular ring with a sharper overlay and darken the background for more contrast. JMO.
Great work, but, indeed, wish the hi-res source was used

Funny The Google Rings Around the Earth

The Google Rings Around the Earth
The ultimate in Cloud Computing. (Google guarantees: no shadow will be visible on earth)
Member reactions:
Google covered the entire globe spreading its network.... good idea of putting the rings of it good thought of the colorful rings well done

Funny Mohammed Morsi vs. Egypt in the Wrestling Ring

Mohammed Morsi vs. Egypt in the Wrestling Ring
Morsi supporters and opponents clash
Member reactions:
Just the Right Mix, Simple yet Spectacular. A Grand Work my Friend.
This is a point blank fight... Morsi is too little to handle that fight good thought you have included some cracks near on the floor
This crazy political issues make instability circumstances to the innocent public and give negative affect to all
Clean work on this and it looks great. Congrats on the win.
A real beauty. Very simple yet soooo ample hahahahhahahhhah. Well done my friend.
Congratulations Salis. I think it was the size of the woman that did it for me. Reminds me of a song...One 'Sir Mix-a-lot' recorded maybe.
thanks ppl, enlarging that big B was the best part of the whole process SplatShot : the song is in my Favs

Funny Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl
This Monday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this ring bearer & flower girl image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-dressing up ring bearer & flower girl, designing a poster with these kids endorsing some product or service, putting the ring bearer & flower girl into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Horton and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings
Photoshop characters of Lord of the Rings in real life, OR put politicians / celebrities in LOTR movie. Creating yet another alternative Lord of the Rings ending with politicians / celebrities is a plus.

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