Funny The Arm Wrestling Match for Civil Rights Between Martin Luther King and Johnson

The Arm Wrestling Match for Civil Rights Between Martin Luther King and Johnson
Seemed like a good image metaphor for the civil rights struggle.
Member reactions:
there more you look, the more you can see how clever this is.
Good one but heads dimensions differ a lot.
WADR lucianomorelli if that's problematic for you, that's a subjective view and really not constructive criticism. I plan on reversing the emphasis come Lyndon Johnson Day.
The heads are OK if you look at the perspective. Lyndon Johnson is leaning back if you look closely.
I think the emphasis is the message. Great message delivered via no frills chopping That is how we used to chop before we got spoiled by all the bells and whistles hahahahahaa Hey, once in a while even spoilers like me throw in the basic chop.... just because
Hitspinner AzureSky Actually I have a Martin Luther King plugin effect, and a Lyndon Johnson photoshop brush I bought in Tokyo from a street magician.
congrats on a good chop and a top 5 position, mr buckle.
Many thanks to all. I forgot to mention the photoshop action for civil rights demonstration.
You did it very well Swashbuckle. We can all learn a lot from you
Gosh AzureSky, that's extremely kind. All the talent on FN is awesome.

Funny Right Hand Doesn't Know What Left Hand Is Doing

Right Hand Doesn't Know What Left Hand Is Doing
Member reactions:
Very clean art, totally modernized Escher.
GREAT idea. Love the execution, too.. Congrats.
Always good clean work from you. Congrats on the cup

Funny Fight For Your Gun Control Rights Poster

Fight For Your Gun Control Rights Poster
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Funny Come Together , Right Now !!!

Come Together , Right Now !!!
John , Paul , Ringo , George & Yoko wish for world Peace ...
Member reactions:
Thank you very much Geriatric ...
Great to see the Lady holding Peace... and the roses fired from the Gun... really peace touching entry and all the freaky guys up and up and up were really enjoying ...
The Beatles were always for peace & love , didn't matter what country anyone was from . They just wanted World Peace for all. The cd they are standing on , was done in Cs6 3D ,plus the sign . Thx for the nice compliment Rajeshstar ...
chili congratulations.... love the camel neckless...
Every Beatle fan will love this. I think it is great. Congrats on the wood, Chili.

Funny Darling, is he the right guy to paint our car?

Darling, is he the right guy to paint  our car?
Darling, is he the right guy to paint our car. Art Car was created in 1977 by the Pop Art legend Andy Warhol who, unlike the previous artists, worked directly on the full-scale vehicle and painted the car himself.
Member reactions:
Like the concept of different shades of paint to the car
One of the best chops in the contest. Great satire. Great art.

Funny Right as Rain

Right as Rain
Member reactions:
Beautiful rain and lovely girl enjoying it.... so well done
Wonderful completion of the Rainy season nice idea and beautiful work



Funny Civil Rights??????????

Civil Rights??????????
Back Door
Member reactions:
Very funny see the expression of Obama for Civil Rights

Funny Righting Cosa Concordia with Balloons

Righting Cosa Concordia with Balloons
costa concordia could be righted by balloons No disrespect intended.
Member reactions:
Thanks Disasterman. I added that no disrespect was intended in the comment section Mandrake. This entry is about the raising of the ship and the apparent insanity of the Captain and nothing more. If you perceive it as distasteful, flag it and have it removed. I will have no problem with that.
No problem Mandrake. It's a sensitive topic.
Great job out of box work of water from ship spilling on the fields, Multiple benefits for both. like this
Thanks raj........always positive comments from your end.
Congrads younger, playing the kids again, talent wasted on the youth. Wonderful. and death is part of life.
This was a amazing piece you did oldman , Congrats on the bronze ...
Bronze Congrats oldman great stuff, especially the water work really cool.
Bronze congrats, oldman but goodman.

Funny If Sochi Olympics Embraced Gay Rights

If Sochi Olympics Embraced Gay Rights
Gay right activists around the world have called for boycott of Sochi Olympic Games for their intolerance of gays. The Russia's anti-gay laws were introduced in 2013 and are meant to punish any "gay propaganda". In reality, though, any "coming out" or any favorable public speaking about same-gender relationships is classified as gay propaganda in Russia and can get you in prison for up to 3 years. In other words, one can be gay in Russia but one can't speak about it or otherwise show his true colors in public. The Russia's gay intolerance was one of the reasons many heads of state (including Barack Obama and Angela Merkel) chose NOT to attend these games. Before the beginning of Sochi Olympics Putin said that even gay athletes are welcome in Sochi as long as they "behave like normal people and don't emphasize their orientation". And, surprise, surprise... yesterday the first openly gay athlete - Dutch speedskater Ireen Wust - got the gold medal. Photoshop how Sochi Olympics would be different if they totally embraced gay rights, welcomed openly gay athletes, and allowed any "gay propaganda".

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