Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider)
Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider)
Nicolas Cage (Strange Rider). . Member reactions:
This is like Alice in Wonderland, Cage style, .
Like the prism illuminating the whole chop and the crazy dog and a baby boy wanted to ride that New Jersey Bike
If there's any movie star out there who fits right into a fantasy environment that you created here, Nicolas Cage definitely fits the bill. Great chop. Very imaginative.
Man on fire on Bday bash, full-on action a little Cage with Ghost bike. Lots of work and yeh its real wild
Ahhh you have discovered the sublime wackiness of the senseless chop. Magnificent... You just earned your brown belt Cool chop and well put together

Funny Trick Rider

Trick Rider

Funny Free Rider

Free Rider
. Member reactions:
very funny

Funny Cool Rider

Cool Rider
. Member reactions:
Naughty girls be careful You will be delivered to some distance place where spiders will love you

Funny I-Rider

. Member reactions:
Sara enjoying the flat ride like the skull used as a headlight and the rider

Funny Easy Rider

Easy Rider
. Member reactions:
oh this is just unbearable. (sorry I couldn't resist)
He looks so cool, enjoying the breeze near the Sea lovely
Biker Bear on his way to Maul Instead of Mall okay that is a stretch gummy
Me likey.However adding some shadows would make this even better

Funny Low Rider

Low Rider
. Member reactions:
, love it
Twisted. Me likes a lot.Congrats on the wood, Chip.
So funny chip,loved this.Congrats on the wood

Funny Riders in the sky

Riders in the sky
. Member reactions:
Poor Noddy. I've seen that children's show.

Funny Easy Rider

Easy Rider
Made a trials bike, watch the video. VIDEOToo many Obamas. Had to switch it out for Owen.. Member reactions:
You ****** by changing the face i suppose
Ohhhh thisw one rocks... no pun intended. Fine choppage DD
great....u do a good work over the rocks as always very beautiful

Funny ghostly rider

ghostly rider
for your viewing enjoyment this pic is also best viewed in Hd.. Member reactions:
I was wondering.. and finally found this Ghost rider in here. Best view
Quality work, but I would refrain from the black framing with crosshairs
. Well, I like it and what Newsie said. I think that added, inapplicable elements can distract when otherwise intended to create interest. I should know, Im likely the worst offender of throwing things into a chop that have no good reason hahahahaha... but hey what the heck... its art. Splurge on it and knock youself out if that;s what you like, right.

Funny Chinese Bike Riders

Chinese Bike Riders
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of Chinese Riders any way you wish. Some examples are - making this Chinese couple perform some stunts or ride unusual places, giving them some new outfit, designing a poster with this image of the Chinese riders, putting the riding couple into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Hendra Setiaji and Stock Exchange for providing this photo.

Funny Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
The Ghost Rider movie with Nicolas Cage is topping the US box office for the second weekend. Cage plays the guy who sells his soul to Mephistopheles, and later gets a chance to get his soul back only if he becomes a supernatural agent of vengeance and justice. Just like the other presidential candidates. In this contest you are asked to photoshop the Ghost Rider movie in any way you like. Change posters or movie stills, the film title, or design the Ghost Rider sequel.

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