Pimp My Ride
Pimp My Ride
Pimp My Ride.

Funny Riding with the King

Riding with the King
Member reactions:
Pretty damn good, luci. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Pimp my Ride

Pimp my Ride
Pimp my ride was my favorite show for a long time.

Funny Riding The Bus

Riding The Bus
SOURCE PIC FYI, in the back, next to Putin is Mikhail Gorbachev...in front is Medvedev...and looking in the back bus window, is some very suspicious character.
Member reactions:
TONS of work here - you did miracles to the bus source photo. Oh, and I do see some shady peeps here
Congrats on the bronze pcrdds Love how you put that guy on Putins lap
Thanks, its420here. This was a lot of fun to do.

Funny Joy Ride

Joy Ride

Funny Joy Ride

Joy Ride
SnackPack the Bear and his friend Smokey, go for a Joy Ride.
Member reactions:
Oh I had a peddle car like that when I was a kid. Well I had a bear too but not like that one. Great chop, thanks for the memory.
Thanks everyone. Yes Gummy, A pretty cool pedal car. It was a good find
I love the entry by itself. In the light of the contest though it'd be better to give the parrot a bigger space and emphasis in this composition. I used to have a similar pedal car too. Oh those childhood memories
Thanks very much Newsy. Understood..I did entertain the idea of a larger roll for the parrot, but his feet turned out to be way too... short to reach the pedals And SnackPack the Bear looked really strange sitting atop the bell..
Golden Congrats, SShot. A classic, thst could be an illustration in a childrens book
Thanks Geri, Toledo, 420, Gummy , Sulli, Lu, Balo, Hitz, Uncle-C, Doc, and NewsMaster. Thanks all for the great comments and votes.. And Thanks for the Fave Jere.
Congrats on the gold Slapshot. Love the atmosphere of this one
Beautiful background and looks like a story. Nice. Congrats.
Thanks very much Andrew, Bob, Toledo, Gummy, 420, Icy, and Armatien. Yes Arm.. the bear is great. In my search I've seen a number of good bear stock photos. Evidently bears are quite expressive.
Congrats on the gold Splatshot. I really like the atmosphere on this one
Congrats on the gold, Splat. Yeah, would be hard to make the bigger parrot fit the current composition here, true. But something to keep in mind when choosing a composition and sources for the next one, perhaps As I said, it's a great job on its own, would do just as good in a Freak Show, I am sure. Congrats again.
Thanks Newsy. Usually my sources choose me. But...Yes I will keep this in mind.
Thanks Very Much 420. I am soooo happy you like this.... Again.. Thanks for the votes and the kind words.. it really means a lot to me...

Funny Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood

Funny Dennis the menace rides again

Dennis the menace rides again
Member reactions:

Funny Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood
Audrey as red riding hood.

Funny Miley Rides the Earth

Miley Rides the Earth
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze, BF. Great to see you back.

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