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Funny Ride Pictures

Seagull Park and RideFunny Seagull Park and Ride
Member reactions:

Nice thought of creating a wonder park where Seagull also gives rides

Political Bus RideFunny Political Bus Ride
Member reactions:

A lot of work on this one & I agree with Paul....very cool
Who's driving the bus. Nice work.
Put me on the fan list too.
Great to see all the super heros under one place good work in bring them altogether and separating Obama as Infected Crazy work
Appreciable chop, collection of most of the freaky political characters and that too in so logical sequence. Good luck hidden
CONGRATS..they look like they are actually on the bus.

Ayreon - Ride The Comet -find your wayFunny Ayreon - Ride The Comet -find your way
Member reactions:
Lyrics of Ride The Comet By Ayreon Find your way home, little extremophiles (Fly, beloved sons) Find your way home, donors of life (Fly, my chosen ones) You're on your own, little extremophiles (Ride your frozen ark) You're on your own, cleaving the skies (Ride into the dark) : Carry out your dangerous task Sail uncharted spheres Live out our dreams, ride the comet. Journey on the Migrator trail Cross the new frontiers Pass on our genes, ride the comet. You are the future, little extremophiles (Fly, toward the sun) You are the future, you know what to do (Fly, it has begun) Carry out your dangerous task, Sail uncharted spheres Live out our dreams, ride the comet. Journey on the Migrator trail, Cross the new frontiers Pass on our genes, ride the comet.
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Interesting concept and very well executed

Balloon RidesFunny Balloon Rides
Member reactions:

Real cool..I guess some shadowing work is needed. Overall its super conceptual and very fine idea
Colors rock in this. One out of the $ but no less a valiant effort with tons of elements. well don

The Pope Rides Around In A Ford FocusFunny The Pope Rides Around In A Ford Focus
Member reactions:

Believe it or not, Pope Francis has chosen to ride around in a humble, Ford Focus.
Pope looks freaked out in riding that Ford Car A cigarette bud in mouth and Ice creme in his hand
Congrads on the Bronze Cup. Twofer always help the ego, good job Doc.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Mr. X...I had fun making the hubcaps.
Hah, yeah. Hubcaps are cool. Nice twofer. Attacking dove is cool too
Thanks, Newsy. Pope gets a Woody. Oh dear.

My RideFunny My Ride
Member reactions:

The Open Window..... from there your father gone to the outer world anytime he can come back --- Says my Mom when i was a child like this concept and i can see this turning into a reality

Back pack rocket donkey rideFunny Back pack rocket donkey ride
Member reactions:

Heard of Horse Power... Now seen Donkey Power
thank you NewsMaster, my vote was too gentle oh nooo ahahah

Fun RideFunny Fun Ride
Member reactions:

Man Breaks Ferris Wheel Riding RecordFunny Man Breaks Ferris Wheel Riding Record
Member reactions:

Man rides Ferris Wheel long enough for a new World Record
This is truly a daring feat to achieve it and DMan done in this chop is really funny with companions of a Pigeon and a Chameleon good job done
Thanks, eric. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, gugulanul. Thanks, G-Man.
Wood for Paulie too. Part of the winnings go to D-man of course Congrats.
Thanks, Newsy...yes, but he'll have to come to California and get it.

Sasha Obama Rides Snail ObamaFunny Sasha Obama Rides Snail Obama
Member reactions:

The funniest part is his ears and eyes. Most hilarious
Funny indeed. Thing is, even in parts, you can still tell who they belong to.
a bbbbbbbbbbbbeautiful mix-composition paulie your works are always toooooooooo funny great paul... congrattttttssssssssss
The way you re-did the snail's face seals the deal for me. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. But...the snail came that way. .

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