Proud Ricky
Proud Ricky
Proud Ricky. . Member reactions:
Must be proud to get twins with his facial expressions

Funny 1982... RICKY's GARAGE

1982...  RICKY's GARAGE
Warn me when you will be on vacation .
mon amis boulpix thank you, i never go on holiday ... because i am a retired, i make the holidays that last for 365 days a year.
i am sorry boulpix no... no my friend, you must join us ... everyone has their own abilities and his chances of winning ... i am no better than you or anyone ... you are very good and rightly participate
Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wonderful. my big brother.
Really nice work.Love the torch.Nice chopper Chop.
paul a greaaaaat tank for you my friend
psmandrake i am happy you like this my job
steve 10 i am really happy my work like you... a greaaaaat thank for you man
Gorgeous work like always....well done man..
gooooooat thaank you my friend
Hey Ricky.. You have a license for that facial expression. Nice work.
The history of Ricky continues. Thanks for sharing once again. Fantastic chop.
Hey Ricky, the scooter brought back memories for me, I think I had a Lambretta in 1969 when I was on a working holiday in St. Ives/Cornwall, UK.
excellent, just loving the vespa loved those little wasps.
Those were the days my friend, I thought they never end.
Excellent .... this is the first time i saw Ricky Garage so this is the place all bad goes good and all evil goes great well done with your chop like the flash of fire beam and the bike its look too.....
I would like to visit you once in this life book a ticket for me ha ha ha
geriatric my friend, thank you, ooooh yehaaa... i have the license to kill whit the my facial expressions... hihihihehehe...
steve gsq thank youuuu my friend... the my story continue again, again.... and again... i have muccccccccch episodes to see you
bobrafto thaaaank you mate, lambretta i have two, vespa four... in 80's years, today have a honda shadow custom 600 cc. great bike friend... i loveeeeee the bikes
llovelayers a great thank for you my friend... the old vespa is a great scooter... i had so much fun to turn the vespa of customers, they were beautiful scooter, when we put her hands became wonderful
rajieshstar thank you very much my friend, i'm glad you like my memories forever, still ongoing, you will see more of my memories.
ericnorthend thaaaaaank you...for you my friend i always have a seat in the front row ... guest of honor in my memories hihihihi
Congrats Ricky . A great job . I love it very much ....
boulpix mon amis, a greatttt thank you, i love the my memories in france... i still remember from paris to see ... and there are many many many
a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thank for all friends comment and vote for my work: vicspa twister stevegsq steve1o spitfire46 snoopy_04 silvercanine senthil17 roonma rajeshstar qtrmoonshop preemiememe otzie nonno newsmaster nepaguy59 nanny midnightmaiden maroon5 lucido5 lucianomorelli kellie johnx1 jayl1 icecream grumpyotj groundzero goat geriatric ericnorthend diamonds dexter cicsaix blackhole berdulano aintme thaaaaank you all guys, i love all
Awesome work....Congrats on winning the Gold.
Congrats on the Gold RICKY.Really Great work,I believe that your memories of those years/1982 garage/ are the best...I myself have experienced something similar-not motorcycles but bicycles ooohhh SWEET TIMES-come back to me one of those years...
RICKYTREK1.... congratulations... vrooommmmm....
Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Congrats. un lavoro molto ben fatto.
Gold congrats Ricky ... One of your best.10+
Congrats on you chop,I love your memories and your wonderful work. You really are tops.

Funny Ricky Smoking Weed

Ricky Smoking Weed
Hi all. I dedicate this work to the teacher, brother, teacher of life. Ricky TREK.for the use of the source MY DIRTY SOUL chained ...... I have permission from Ricky TREK.richard hope you like it.. Member reactions:
woooooooooooooooooooow fratellino... :-omi hai fatto un meraviglioso dono, mi hai fatto una dedica veramente unica, oltre a dedicarmi una delle tue fantastiche caricature, lo hai fatto anche in vero stile rickytrek, sembra assolutamente uno dei miei lavori, credevo di essere inimitabile, invece mi hai dato una lezione da maestro... sei davvero bravissimo te lo giuro, ora siete in due, tu e il pixjockey... mi imitate alla perfezione... sei davvero un grande. bravo bravo bravo...ti auguro di cuore una bella coppa d'oro, te la meriti davvero ---------------------------------- woooooooooooooooooooow my little brother ... :-o you did a wonderful gift from me, you made me a very unique dedication in addition to one of your great caricature dedicate, did it even in true style rickytrek, seems absolutely one of my work, i believed to be inimitable, however, you have given me a lessons from master ... you really bravo, you swear it, now you are in two, you and pixjockey ... imitate me to perfection ... are you a really big. bravo bravo bravo. i wish you of heart a nice cup of gold, you really the deserves
Ciao Fratellone. Superrrrrrrrrrrrr grazie. sono molto felice che ti sia piaciuto. esatto il tuo meraviglioso stile. lo studiato in molto in questi giorni, e più guardavo i tuoi lavori , e più mi hai ispirato. la tua arte è meravigliosa , e complessa. piena di dettagli luci , e l'uso di molte fonti bene integrate, cercare di avvicinarmi al tuo stile , e stato molto complesso. e poi ihihihi volevo renderti fiero di me. ci tengo molto, fratellone. tu sei un artista su tutti i fronti, e sopratutto intellettuali. cercare di equipararti nelle idee è impossibile, affondi molti temi del passato, e moderni, che io ancora sto studiando , mentre tu li hai vissuti. ma sto imparando molto dai tuoi insegnamenti di vita, e ancora molte molte grazie , già il fatto che ti sia piaciuto per me è un premio che non ha prezzo. e lo sai................................. un abbraccio.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello brother. Superrrrrrrrrrrrr thanks. I am very happy that you liked it. exact your wonderful style. studied in the lot these days, and the more I looked at your work, and most have inspired me. your art is wonderful and complex. full details of lights, and the use of many well-integrated sources, try to get closer to your style, and was very complex. ihihihi and then I make you proud of me. I care a lot, bro. you are an artist on all fronts, and especially intellectuals. try to equipararti in ideas is impossible, sinking many themes of the past, and modern, that I am still studying, while you have lived them. but I'm learning a lot from your lessons of life, and again many many thanks, the simple fact that you liked for me is a reward that is priceless. and you know it ..................... a hug.
Suuuuuuuuper thank you very much Kellie.Thanks musicalnote.
Thank you very much Eric. I'm glad you like.
hi my little brothers, i now think at another work whit you... for now i think... think... thiiiiink .... ideas zero.... but do not worry, i do not miss some of the fantasy heheheheh
Hi my big Brother. You are a man always full of ideas, if I made a job, so richly detailed sources, fx, and thanks to you. This Belongs to your art work, When I produces in portrait, even of actors, singers etcc, the source of inspiration and always The portrait subject, express ideas Hardly ............. the idea and he himself. said my father.
tgiles1981 exact. pause to note the sense of rapid change, of itself, logic, that is reflected in an eternal pause. as the downside.
Fratellone. un ascensore che sale e scende, senza mai una sosta, va aggiustato da manutentori esperti, ma purtroppo la ditta e chiusa per ferie , quindi ho deciso di salire dalle scale, una strada lunga e tortuosa, tre giorni per arrivare a l'ultimo piano, per poi vedermi apparire l'ascensorista, che mi dice - l'ascensore adesso funziona, vuole provare a scendere- ed io ma certo. e adesso risale e scende. secondo te. ce qualcosa che non va nel palazzo.--------------------------------------------------brother a lift that goes up and down, never a break, go to aggiustato esperti maintenance, but unfortunately the company is closed for holidays, so I decided to climb the stairs, a long and winding road, three days to arrive at the last floor, then look to see me the elevator, I said - the ascensore working now wants to try to get-and I of course. and was immobilized and falls. do you think. there's something wrong in the building.
This is really brilliant ... the thoughts of an artist comes out and potrait behind him in different characters as seen in the pic great job done with this innovative concept Excellent chop done in creating all others characters beneath Nice smokey look give the image more imagination look of an artist
Thank you very much friend rajeshstar. always appreciate the way you look in detail my work, for me this is important. thanks again friend.
thanks to all guys a fantastic history of votes, with great loss of karma.
heheheheheheh ci hanno messi assieme al terzo e quarto posto, fratellino io ero sicuro che ci saremmo battuti per il primo ed il secondo posto, ma non importa non sempre siamo i più bravi, anche i lavori che hanno vinto lo meritavano al 100 %.sarà per la prossima volta fratellino, much much... very much congrats for your wood cup. ciaooooooo --------------------------------------------heheheheheheh have put together the third and fourth place, little brother i was sure that there we would be beaten for first and second place, but it does not matter we are not always the most good, also i have won the work that deserved to 100%. little brother will be for the next time, much much ... congrats very much for your wood cup. ciaooooooo
yep, you captured Ricky pretty well PSM, I believe we all see him like this Congrats, awesome entry.
thank you very much Mr. Salis. thank you very much BOULPIX.
Molte grazie Fratellone. anche io la penso come te. esatto. neanche per me è un problema. ci resto solo un po male per la storia dei voti, ma nessun problema, per me va bene cosi, a me basta che il mio lavoro sia piaciuto, e te e a gli amici di fn.----------------------------------------- thanks a lot bro. I also think like you. exactly. is a problem for me either. I stay just a little bad for the story of the votes, but no problem, for me it's ok, I just liked my work, and you and the friends of fn.
Congrats on the wood, PSM.Great caricature of Ricky, and I love the spooky cat here and marijuana theme.

Funny Ricky Gervais Caricature

Ricky Gervais Caricature
. Member reactions:
a beautifuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllll caricature, very good colours and lights
Funny expression on the Face, I can count all the teeth
Very clear and clean, Ricky's teeth are nice and white since he went to America and got them done.
He looks great looks very happyl, good job done
thanks eric,Ricky,raj,Azsky and balodiya.
Nice work on this … is it finished now … he,he,he
Thanks qt........and they're never finished. it's my neurosis. ha ha.You should see the last version.

Funny Ricky the Pirate

Ricky the Pirate
For my friend RICKYTREK1 . Member reactions:
woooow... a very bad pirate, has the look of a true pirate of the caribbean .... murderess eyes .... great job thank you for the tribute.
Ricky Sparrow. Nice.
, nice work … you've made him look almost as scary as his talent

Funny Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais Hosting Golden Globes
Golden Globes anticipation is high for host Ricky GervaisHIGH RES (Best)related story. Member reactions:
huge round face, and nice work on his smile like this
Nicely executed. wonderful work on head, U had ur Gold hidden
This was just too funny and a killer piece.Blew me away.
Thank you kindly to all, I appreciate your kind words … I had a lot of fun with "Ricky Roundface" . . . and thanks to FN for the feature.

Funny Ricky Martin with Elvis Hair

Ricky Martin with Elvis Hair
My first entry.. Member reactions:
He is so decent guy, when did he song those Rocking songs..

Funny Ricky the Pirate

Ricky the Pirate
ME IN CAPTAIN SPARROW... . Member reactions:
heheheheh.... thank you paul
I have to say, you look better then Johnny.
thank you hobbit..... hehehehehe ..... i am better and more beautiful than johnny deep

Funny Ricky Perry Face Off

Ricky Perry Face Off
There is no hope for the selection

Funny Ricky the Taxi Driver

Ricky the Taxi Driver
AN MY OLD WORK.... I HOPE LIKE.... Member reactions:
Looks like we all likey ......
deaddog... ohhh yeees friend ... i'm just talking with you ... you do.. looking for trouble.. hehehehehe....
chili... yes friend... i am happy ......
thank you mandrake my friend... i am happy that you are always so faithful to my work, i am very pleased to receive your comments ... comments made ​​by a really good, your compliments make me very, very honored. thanks my friend
Scary work..., good use of colors and excellent composition. Good luck for you.
SUPERB chop, my friend. GOLD guaranteed
also thank you at hillybill, thank my friend
roby hai sempre tanta fiducia nei miei lavori, ti ringrazio di cuore, è stata la tua fiducia che mi ha permesso di migliorare il mio lavoro giorno per giorno.... se sono qui è grazie al tuo passato "incoraggiamento". grazie ancora "amico mio" ... --------------------------------------------roby you always so much confidence in my work, i sincerely thank you, was your faith that has allowed me to improve my work every day .... if i am here is because of your past "encouragement." thanks again "my friend". an embrace
Whoa, what a splendid job. Looks like an authentic poster.
hy disaster thanks friend ... i am happy that we all loved ... thanks again
newsmaster... thanks a lot ........ in fact, i made ​​a series of works based on the posters of american movies very popular, they are quite beautiful, in the next contests i will see someone .... i hope you enjoy ... but i'm sure you will love bye bye newsmaster
Golden congrats to you RICKYTREK1 . . . splendid choppin' . . . and special thanks again for your encouraging comments on my caricature attempts . . . grazie amico
Fantastic work, CONGRATULATIONS on the GOLD.
Congrats on the win Rickytrek. Great job on the chop.
a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thank all friends vote for my work... thank you guys... i am happy... is a good work... continue to reward my work, which means that you like my style ... i'm really flattered. thanks again to all of you.
thank you very much at: pixjockey zapscar twister spitfire46 roonma robinbobin rajeshstar qtrmoonshop psmandrake pixjockey picasso18 otzie nonno newsmaster nepaguy59 mia64 maroon5 marksdesign macwithfries lucianomorelli kellie johnx1 jayl1 icecream hobbit90 hillybill grumpyotj groundzero geriatric disasterman111 diamonds dexter designerkratos cicsaix chili blooddiamond blackhole aintme
Congrats on the gold ricky the head not fit well need more bright coz you see 2 layers here one So bright and another ( your face ) is dark nice chop
thank you at kratos and deaddog... thank boys
Congrats on the gold ricky, I agree with Kratos.........

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