Lionel Richie Gets Misspelled Award
Lionel Richie Gets Misspelled Award
Lionel Richie Gets Misspelled Award. BET Spelled Lionel Richie's name wrong on screen when he got his award
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Hahaha Lydell Itchy...

Funny Nicole Richie With Her Ugly Baby

Nicole Richie With Her Ugly Baby
It's amazing how much her baby looks like "deaddog."
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This is why Birth Control pills were invented.....
All I can say is " My attorney will contact your Attorney. ....... freaking hilarious..
Hysterical . . . a face only a mother could love ... looks a bit like Seinfeld with a goatee & pigtails Love the expression on Obama . . . nice work.
Is not ugly, she only need to shave the beard and mustache
Thanks, qtrmooonshop...thanks, Sunshin3...thanks, rajeshstar...thanks, JoaoN. Appreciate the nice comments, people.
Congratulations Dr. 'C' . DD is one ugly baby.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3 (Goldy). Thanks, Chili Man.
Congrats on the wood Paul. See, revenge can be sweet too.
I thought I left a comment here before, but somehow it disappeared, so I'm leaving it again . . . Wooden Congrats to you pcrdds . . . solid work

Funny Nicole Richie the Warrior

Nicole Richie the Warrior
Bg: ForestGirlStock Deviantart
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From Beastly to Beauty-I'm dizzy. Gorgeous work HIDDEN-TOP marks.
Smooth as autumn colored silk . . . very nice
Many thanks Disasterman, Geriatric, QtrMoonshop..
Congratulations-Nicole never looked better.
Lots of thanks Paul, Rajeshtar, Boulpix, Joaon, Geri.
Wonderfully done Sunshin3 , Gold Congrats ...
Charming work, Sun. Congrats on the gold.
I thought I left a comment here before, but somehow it disappeared, so I'm leaving it again . . . Golden Congratulations to you

Funny Nicole Richie Monster

Nicole Richie Monster
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* "Hey Moe, I can't see ... I've got my eyes closed ... nyuk, nyuk, nyuck" . . . Nicely done *(3 stooges reference)

Funny Old Nicole Richie

Old Nicole Richie

Funny Nicole Richie Portrait

Nicole Richie Portrait
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Nice color/texture blend, but the source picture angle does not fully match

Funny Farmer Nicole Richie

Farmer Nicole Richie
"Just another Ho Hum day in Tinsel Town." .
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I thought I left a comment here before, but somehow it disappeared, so I'm leaving it again . . . Bronze Congratulations to you Wiz

Funny Nicole Richie Cleaning

Nicole Richie Cleaning
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A lot of very nice work. Good job, hidden.
Nice . . . I like the way it's all lit . . . especially like the Paris source choice
Impressive composition with many details related to Richie's life.Congrats on the silver, Chili.
I thought I left a comment here before, but somehow it disappeared, so I'm leaving it again . . . Silver Congratulations to you Chili

Funny Nicole Richie with Her Baby

Nicole Richie with Her Baby
Nicole Ritchie with baby, Harlow Winter Kate....Story
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My... Nicole is neglecting herself...... look at her leg ..

Funny Nicole Richie Inverted

Nicole Richie Inverted
Nicole Ritchie

Funny Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie
The former The Simple Life starlet, Nicole Richie, turned the big 3-0 this Wednesday. It's been a wild ride for Nicole Richie in her 20's, so no doubt the former hard partying girl is happy to be turning 30 as a stylish mum. Nicole was adopted by singer Lionel Richie when she was three, and at 22, after earning a rep as a party girl, she landed a starring role with BFF Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. After a trip to rehab and a DUI arrest, Nicole found herself pregnant in 2006 to Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. That’s when she turned her life around and now as Nicole celebrates her 30th birthday she’s married with two kids and is earning a big name for herself in the fashion world with multiple clothes and accessory lines. To mark the 30th birthday of Nicole Richie, photoshop her any way you wish.

Funny Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie
[ Nicole Richie turned 25 this Thursday. ] If you open any encyclopedia and look up a word "anorexia", you'll see Nicole Richie's picture under the listing, as well as under the listing for "two-dimensional". If you, however, scroll many pages to check the listing for "Nicole Richie", you'll only find a short notice: See "Anorexia", and "Two-Dimensional". Her dad Lionel Richie has reportedly promised to give Nicole Richie and her friends a Caribbean yacht cruise if she puts on some weight. Let me tell you this - she's not going on a cruise any time soon. So for Nicole's birthday Lionel Richie will give her free "lardass" coupons for McDonalds instead. To mark Nicole's 25th birthday, in this contest you are asked to photoshop Nicole Richie in any way you wish to see her change in the future - sort of our freaking birthday wishes - make her slimmer, fatter, change her lifestyle, hair, age, or include her in paintings, or advertisements. P.S. While posting the contest this morning, and digging more info on Nicole Richie, I found out that her godfather is Michael Jackson, and only God knows who her real biological father is. And given her repeated drug abuse, anorexia should be the least one of her worries.

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