Keith Richards Caricature
Keith Richards Caricature
Keith Richards Caricature. My favorite of the Stones Keith Richards Source. Member reactions:
Cool. Very nice heavy handed topaz effect
Uhh, I'm a little worried about that nose.
Gummy, I added the source of Keith’s nose,to maybe ease your worried mind
Thanks Hitspinner, I think... Didn’t use as much paz on Keith’s face an neck, as he’s got plenty enough wrinkles already.

Funny Denise Richards Denies Eating Disorder

Denise Richards Denies Eating Disorder
Denise Richards denies eating disorderDenise Richards is Charlie Sheen's former wife.. Member reactions:
And another Congrats Mr. Paul,x3... Charlie's reflection a great touch
Thanks, rajeshtar...thanks, eric...thanks, UncleChamp...thanks, HH...thanks, G-Man.

Funny Keith Richards as the Pope

Keith Richards as the Pope
. Member reactions:
amico mio sei un grande... che dire di più....... 1000+++
TROPPO buono, Riccardino
lo so' ma tu te lo meriti robertino

Funny Denise Richards

Denise Richards
Denise Richards, X-Wife of Charlie SheenTwo kids, and then a Husband running around the house shouting "I'm an F-18 Bro" umpteen dozen times, your face would freeze like that too. Go Large . Member reactions:
Thanks. Awesome, Gary, and PixJockey...Ahaaaaaa...
Awesome smile and the caricatured head with the eyes and the smile were terrific
Thanx. Geriactric, Rajeshstar, Eric. **
greaaaat caricature... a my personal gold cup for you my friend... your job deserve win
Wild looking caricature, very nicely done ... Congrats on the theme post.
Thanks for the compliment QtrMoonShop. I'm happy you like it. Your caricature Mr. Warmth was not without influence on my work here. Cigars seem to do well in the voting. Perhaps chopping in a Good Cigar would Have served Denise well here in this contest.*~~*
Thanks Geriatric, Ricky, and Steve your comments are greatly appreciated. ~~

Funny Denise Richards with a Goatee

Denise Richards with a Goatee

Funny Hairy Denise Richards

Hairy Denise Richards

Funny Queen Elizabeth Dressed as Keith Richards

Queen Elizabeth Dressed as Keith Richards
She wanna be a rockstar I can get no satisfaction... SOURCES . Member reactions:
Yeah, Kelly, THANK U
hahahahaheheheheh ihihihihhuhuhuhu huhuhuoho hohohohohohhahaha hahehehehe hehehyhyhyhyhyhy hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....... great.... is toooo funny
Excellent use of sources as well very well done with the sources images. Like it specially the Tattoo on the hand looks so real
my lovable friend a great compliment and a lot of congratulations for your beautiful "rolling queen" fantastic bronze
Looks so real, it scares me.Congrats on the bronze, Pix.
Congratz, funny image, she looks like the pope
WOOOW, what a honour for PIX-JOCKEY...THANX, Freaking News, for PICTURE of the DAY

Funny Keith Richards Caricature

Keith Richards Caricature
Rolling Stones guitarist "Keith Richards" corrected deteriorating vision to prepare for a Rolling Stones 50th anniversary tour later this year, which has been heavily rumored but has yet to be confirmed by the band.. Member reactions:
this is friggin awesome man, i want to be this good one day, ahh one day.
is beautiful... you are a great caricaturist, you always know to take the soul of the character.
Excellent job with the hair. I see his turkey neck is hanging out over his collar.

Funny Big Chief Keith Richards

Big Chief Keith Richards
. Member reactions:
This look suits him, pics go well 2gether.

Funny Double Jointed Keith Richards

Double Jointed Keith Richards
. Member reactions:
And people call ME strange. Nice work on this too, HS.
Thanks folks. Yeah, this one really took some work. I elected to not do very much to Keith's face, it simply has so much character already Haha.I don't have the program I used to use to amp up the color so sorry about the dullness
Don't be shy, speak now or forever hold your Johnson
Great job on KEEF....Great tap...funny stuff.
Going to rework this one and republiosh on Facebook once I get back up and running

Funny Keith Richards

Keith Richards
Keith Richards of Rolling Stones turns 63 today. When interviewed, Richards said he does not feel his age. He said he stopped counting 80 years ago. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Keith Richards any way you like. Feel free to put him into paintings, movies, advertisements, give him a plastic surgery, or give Keith any new life roles.

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