Susan Rice Lying in the White House
Susan Rice Lying in the White House
Susan Rice Lying in the White House. Noted for fearless truth-telling, Susan Rice To America & World "Don't be alarmist or pay attention to the news. Threat is not existential." Susan Rice To Head Dept. of Fabrication
Member reactions:
Very effective. She's fit for the job, according to her nose
Hahahahaha, gads there is something dreadfully wrong with this concept hahahahahahahahahahaha

Funny Susan Rice Turkey

Susan Rice Turkey
The U.S. president's National Security Advisor Susan Rice is notorious for her lying to the press, the public, and probably herself. And she's a turkey and a half. Hope you enjoy.
Member reactions:
Excellent political satire. (The clothes seem somewhat flat, might consider fixing)

Funny Susan Rice Defends Benghazi Remarks

Susan Rice Defends Benghazi Remarks
U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice defends Benghazi remarks

Funny Romney and Ryan with Guns with Condi Rice

Romney and Ryan with Guns with Condi Rice
Member reactions:
This is from Expendables ... well merged

Funny Tom Cruise Serving Rice Crispies to Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise Serving Rice Crispies to Katie Holmes
He's a dead man.... Please full view for optimum laugh factor. thank you.

Funny Mitt Romney and Condoleezza Rice in Washington

Mitt Romney and Condoleezza Rice in Washington
Member reactions:
Nicely done, she'll never run, to Bushie.
I agree with you both , Condoleezza Rice will never become VP , but i thought i'd put her in here anyway with the abortion button because Mitt is against abortions & Condoleezza is Pro Choice ... Thx guys
Great to see her the secret reveled nice background over the Whitehouse good job
Thank you very much Rajeshstar
I like his expression, good posture as well, very nice work
Congrats,on the Silver.....Chili.Awesome....Bravo, my friend.
A few more silver coins to your retirement fund,Congrads.
Best Condoleezza Rice ever looked,,, no mo bad hair... congrats....
Thx everyone ....
Silver congrats, Chili. Nice political satire.

Funny Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton Girls Gone Wild

Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton Girls Gone Wild
Member reactions:
Cartoonist work
Nice placement of girls faces over that chop really good
Congrats, on winning the Bronze.....nice work.
Bronze Congrats Fleek ...
Fleek is back. Woo Hoo. Congrats on the bronze, buddy.

Funny Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell

Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell
FOUR WAR CRIMINALS... ALL FORGOTTEN... ------------------------------------- "MAYBE ONE DAY WE WILL BE A DIVINE PUNISHMENT" .... WE HOPE. -------------------------------------
Member reactions:
, it looks like you used every source image ever created...awesome job
That's funny the real CRIMINALS are still in the White House, Obama and his goonies.
Yikes. It's HIDDEN and he's at it again. Beauty.
I disagree with your premise, but it's a great, great job, nonetheless.
Absolutely great but these war criminals will not be forgotten ,Never .....
Where's Rumsfeld. Or is he one of the rats..... Great job
Awesome. I Love the Cheney character especially.
Amen, they are all twins and hope there may some day again be another good one. Light seems dark in the tunnel tho and we're in alot of trouble. Very well done pic.
this should be hanged on a wall somewhere. Great Effort and Job Smokey Hidden
I'm such a fan of all the little detail work that you do that makes your images stand out in a crowd. Brilliant work.
So, do people pretend not to know your stuff or is it just an unmentioned "thing" that everyone knows who did this. For the whole caricature deal, it's good.
So very very clever, on so many levels. It is worthy of publication as many people would love to hang it on their wall. It would take hours to fully appreciate all the work that has gone into this wonderful image. It really captures the horror those people caused. Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
This is truly amazing work ... Great work on the Pig with a Hat and holding the flag of Public Debt... Excellent caricatured heads nicely done and overall very good on this chop
Awesome work on smoke and great effects love it.
10 out of 10 Perfect. Hat on the rat Superb.
Great piece, Ricky. Lots of work and details. Congrats on winning the gold ,mate.
Congratulations Rickytrek. I am British, like you we see the uncensored news of the terrifying things that go on.
Rickytrek, I thought this was your chop but, wasn't sure. You have done a wonderful job as always. Love it.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, is much deserved your style is amazing..

Funny German Rice Beer

German Rice Beer
"Overall German beers are my favourite tipple when it comes to taste."
Member reactions:
Not a "rice" beer (though Reis means rice translated) - we call it "Kölsch" or, in English, "Cologne style beer". The term Kölsch comes from the city Köln = Cologne
"THNX Tom, we live and learn, I never thought of Cologne as a beer style, unless you mean it's flavour comes from that 4711 perfume they make there." .
Oh, I never drunk Koelsch - but I hope it's not tasting like 4711... ^^ Here's some info about it.
Congrats again Wiz Great job at making a label that looks totally real.

Funny China Rice Food Stamps

China Rice Food Stamps
Coupon was completely rebuilt from an actual food stamp photo. Hi-res source and new coupon image here.
Member reactions:
hahaha freaking amazing work .. i love it alot
The coupon is gleat. Mole lice prease. Love the grasses too.
Once again, one heck of a good job as always. CONGRATS.
congrats again on this one too keep going teacher
and congrats on this too mate. love the textures

Funny Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice
What will Jerry Rice do now that he's retired from football? Show images of Jerry Rice in his post-retirement life (new job, relaxing, etc.).

Funny Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice
What changes will Condoleezza Rice make to the way US does business around the Globe? Who will she partner with? What new programs will be implemented under her leadership? It's up to you to help the new Secretary of State! Create images that either are based on Condi Rice or relate to US Foreign policy.

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