Christina Ricci Bobblehead
Christina Ricci Bobblehead
Christina Ricci Bobblehead. Pretty and delicate big headed Christina
Member reactions:
Awesome.... a beauty of beauties... looks like a Snowwhite princes wearing a Lipstick well done

Funny Christina Ricci Cut in Half

Christina Ricci Cut in Half
Member reactions:
Some kinda 2d effect hmmm she looks pretty
Good filters used and the Saw to cut that body into two halves.... Well done its clean without any blood stains

Funny Miss Christina Ricci with a Beard

Miss Christina Ricci with a Beard
Italian Hairy heritage.
Member reactions:
Thank you so much. ^^ I'm proud of my 5th place.

Funny Christina Ricci Clock Stopper

Christina Ricci Clock Stopper
Member reactions:
Clean chop .. I did vote high on this but it took me a few views to figure out what it was worth ... so maybe it's a hard piece for some people to give a number to. Anyhow nice to see a profile chop .. gives it that criminal element type feel ... does the clock stopper come with a get out of jail free card.
Thanks. Ya can't win em all. This one is hard, I agree. Thanks for the high mark. Technically it's way up there. Visually, the background is busy and confuses voters that are zinging through these things. In larger contests, they barely look. You got like 5 seconds to hit or miss it seems. This sort of piece does take time to absorb and break down. For instance, the rock looking wall that the clock parts are against is actually the surface of Mars. There is no such company as Giovani Arms. That was a fictitious logo I cooked up and I only used Christina's eyes, nose and mouth, 1/4 profile, the rest is another model. So, as with a lot of chops we all do that get the brush-off, there is more than meets the eye in just a glib examination. Sometimes it takes a very trained eye and one that is patient. The lesson gleaned is just submit fast simple chops in the larger contest where you'll only get a glance anyway. Hahahah... I dunno... just have fun and roll with it
Eye would think that the most obvious 'problem' with this most excellent chop lies in the fact that Ms. Ricci's name is difficult to discern from the background. Personally, I really like the teeth showing through ... and This Should Have Placed Much Higher.
kanakahaole, excellent point. If you followed the evolution of changes I made to this chop you might have noticed that Christina's type went from flouressent green to the obscure state it is in right now. I do that sometimes, blend images or type into the background to make the viewer look harder. It's left-over practice from fine art philosophy; you know, never dish it up to them all at once, make them search through the piece. But these are chops, more like commercial illustration where it IS served up all at once. But I play the fence between fine art and illustration just to keep it interesting on a lot of these things. It's great to get feedback like this as I really get a measure of how far I can cross the line... or not. I have concluded that chops that do best on this site are ones that are simple, dramatic or funny and have extremely discernable backgrounds or sub elements. It's a good observation that we can all benifit from. I love to use fractal elements in the backgrounds of a lot of chops but curriously, as much as I totally love that sort of imagry they tend to tank like a drowned cat on FN. They simply tend to confuse the eye Thanks for the comment
Well, this should have done better but at the same time I can see maybe why it did not. The purple lettering to me was a negative. If I had taken the time to look at larger version, I would have seen your eye candy here. I gave it a 6 in a doxie nanosecond.
Doxi... You no likie the purple lettering... me crushed Yeah, I don't care for it as vibrant as I made it. I just followed the color wheel rules. Purple is complementary to orange-yellow so that's what got colored, basically because I was out of time and pretty much out of gas to expiriment anymore with it , you know that story well nuf too hehe But a 6. You should give me a 7 just because I am charming and handsome hahahahahaha
For the amount of work, it should have been a 7 from me. I try to pay for effort but sometimes I goof. Good looks.. uh... oh..... yeah... but of course...should have been a 7 just on that fact. HAHAHAHAH Note it was not the color purple but I perceived it to be a bit blurry.... That is what I was referring to. Purple is and was a favorite color of mine. I had a purple bedroom as a kid. I bet YOU can't claim that ... .... But living in California.... mmmmmm....
Actually I can claim a purple bedroom Hahahahahaha, and lavender, and dayglow green and then black as a final death throe to my mother with day glow eyes and planets and stars painted everywhere. God bless her, she put up with a lot of unusual behavior. She even thought I was going to turn out to be a fine gardner from all the pretty plants I had growing in there. She wondered why I just preferred growing the one kind. Hahahahahaha

Funny Christina Ricci Upside Down

Christina  Ricci Upside Down

Funny Christina Ricci Flower

Christina Ricci Flower
Member reactions:
Nice. Striking image & nice color scheme.

Funny Goth Christina Ricci

Goth Christina Ricci
Member reactions:
She's a babe. Nice work.
Maybe the celebrity Goth contest should be a full time thing. You'd be hauling in the medals Nice work.
I like the different eye colors - nice touch
So clean and cool. Nice touch on the one brown, one champagne eyes. I like the illustrative quality in this, reminds me ofHeavy Metal mag art. Classy
Congrats Mandrak, say Hi Quartarolo for me.
I especially love how you did Ricci's the eyes with different colors, and the piercing chain. Silver congratulations, Mandrak.
AZRainman: Congrats Mandrak, say Hi Quartarolo for me. Hi Azrainman, congratulations for wining, liked its image and the one of Mandrak to what you was in 3rd really did not like and believe that my vote does not argue OK, but if you want to argue ai are going to wash the a lot of challenge cloths that won
Congrats Mandrak, she's even pretty in goth attire.

Funny Christina Ricci by Picasso

Christina Ricci by Picasso
Member reactions:
. An entry from you Newsy. Very cool. Would love to see you in more contests. Funky chop you got here. Love those lips.
Creative work Newsy, Nice to see you in contestants row.
Thank you Deb and Wood, I started this to give a quick example for a contest and decided to enter it
This was certainly one of the best entries I thought. The eyes, lips, collar bone, chin, and ear give it a really triangular feel. Nice.

Funny Cristina Ricci With a Big Mouth

Cristina Ricci With a Big Mouth

Funny Christina Ricci with a Heart Head

Christina Ricci with a Heart Head
Heart Shaped Christina Ricci

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