Woman Has Rhinoplasty by Picasso
Woman Has Rhinoplasty by Picasso
Woman Has Rhinoplasty by Picasso. Well, she's not that pretty, but you should have seen her before .Source pic
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this was a big surgery . well done
hahaha. Now that's freakin funny. Great entry.
i thought this was the best one, but i did see an ad a telly that used the same idea, some nasel spray that claimed it could unblock stuffy noses

Funny Rhinoplasty Surgery for Cameron Diaz

Rhinoplasty Surgery for Cameron Diaz
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Excellent Chop... Flawless in my opinion... Good Luck

Funny Cameron Diaz Rhinoplasty Surgery

Cameron Diaz Rhinoplasty Surgery
Unfortunately for Cameron, she unwittingly used Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon.
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Still one of my favs after wading thru 40.
She should have followed "Do not try this at home" advice

Funny Anthony Hopkins Rhinoplasty

Anthony Hopkins Rhinoplasty
Sir Anthony Hopkins has never looked better....
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I'd hate to be near Anthony when he sneezes.
Well we know what he can do if he gets hungry
New Joke...: What does Anthony Hopkins keep in his nose. 2 Ten pound boogers. Yikes but that thing is HUGE. Brilliant work here. Crisp & clean.
Anthony Hopkins: I'll give you one advice for life: Mind your own business and never poke your nose in other people's business

Funny Rhinoplasty for Federico Painting

Rhinoplasty for Federico Painting

Funny Cyrano de Bergerac Rhinoplasty

Cyrano de Bergerac Rhinoplasty
But what would happen then.
Member reactions:
Only nose get smaller Nice plastic surgical art

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