Half a Rhino
Half a Rhino
Half a Rhino. Member reactions:
Excellent but you should use 2 different rhinos or modify a little the second.

Funny Lady Walking Her Pet Rhino in New York

Lady Walking Her Pet Rhino in New York

Funny Fiat Crashing Into a Rhino

Fiat Crashing Into a Rhino
Member reactions:
Very decent work, I like how you have shown the girl crashing through the windshield. I would consider making the same composition in a daylight as some details here (e.g. rhino's legs) are hard to see
Love this work, Crusader.. And looks like no dog was hurt making this chop..

Funny Robotic Rhino

Robotic Rhino
Full View please..
Member reactions:
grats on third place, sc. my fav. part is that red birdlike aparatus. very creative.
Well done composite... Super job. You were ahead of me for most of this contest I think. Congrats on the bronze
Congrats silvercanine, great unusual creation
This rhino seriously rocks. Congrats on the bronze, silvercanine.
Nicely done my friend. His horn is a great touch.

Funny Rhino Beetle

Rhino Beetle
Member reactions:
Quality work on the critter, and the blood scratches are an excellent touch

Funny Rhino and Unicorn Hybrid

Rhino and Unicorn Hybrid
Fun fact: Rhinocors sweat Skittles and poop sherbert.
Member reactions:
Nice effect of lights. I would give some more brown to the rhino body, otherwise perfect.
Superb blending - the critter looks real.

Funny Rhino Fish

Rhino Fish
Member reactions:
Fabulous job done in putting the Rhino face and the hard scales to match the nature of this spices well done
Amazing creature. Congrats on the gold, Luciano.

Funny Rhino with Two Legs

Rhino with Two Legs
Member reactions:
Wooow, its wonderful balanced animal with heavy looks and that too on 2 foot
Congrats on the gold, Gorgo. And welcome to the site. First entry = first gold, ... awesome.

Funny Camouflaged Rhino

Camouflaged Rhino
Member reactions:
So natural Camouflage..... now he can't be traced with this blend good one and nice to see the smoky effects near his nostrils
Very pretty composition, fun and neat, good job..
Thank you, silvercanine, rajeshstar and Ariel9..
Excellent work congratulations on the gold
Congratulations on the Gold Xaos54 ... Nice one. ; )
This is very well done. As always, I am impressed Xaos54 Congrats.
Thank you very much.. suzseams, pcrdds, Bmore, jest3r, penaplonk, Ariel, Kratos, and SteveGSQ..
Thank you.. MsgtBob,silvercanine and hobbit90..
Whew, time to comment. This is friggin awesome, pal. Way too good to be ignored. I love it. Congrads

Funny Graffiti Covered Rhino

Graffiti Covered Rhino
You're standing at the wrong wall, Mr. Rhino.
Member reactions:
Holy crap. I was working on almost the exact same chop idea. I won't enter it but have a look here: http://imgur.com/B6a13KF
Rhino enjoying the Graft ti art well done nice Camouflage chop
Super work GarRobMil .. congrats on woody
Congrats on the Wood RobGarMill. Love the Graffiti.
Congrats on the Woody, GarRobMil.. great work..
OMG that's a great one. I wasn't able to vote so seeing these for the first time. Chit some good ones indeed. Ye snagged out a cup.

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