T Rex Hunt
T Rex Hunt
T Rex Hunt. Member reactions:
Background works beautifully with your build.
Another quality work. Much detail is lost in the re-sized contest view, and why the plus size original view should be viewed before voting.
Great work, Mano. I like this Dino Battle Idea.

Funny The Old T Rex

The Old T Rex

Funny Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson

Funny The Last Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Last Tyrannosaurus Rex
And My Last Partial Submersion Source Images
Member reactions:
Doesn't have to be your last. You are good at this, keep making them and maybe someday you can share them again.
Thank you very much, Katrina. I plan to continue chopping. Probably not as much though. Fortunately I have another more physical addiction that I can fuel for a while yet.
Yes, I remember Gummy. As I recall it took years of therapy to stop you from flashing the servers at our local IHop pancake house.
Thanks very much, Vincent. They are lots of fun and interesting to work with.
Thanks, Hitman. Just a little. Thanks, NewsMaster. You'll probably have a dinosaur contest now. And I'm fresh out. I used both of mine here.

Funny Vitruvian T Rex Dinosaur by Leonardo Da Vinci

Vitruvian T Rex Dinosaur by Leonardo Da Vinci
Member reactions:
I like the concept. did you use illustrator for the dinosaur.

Funny T-Rex Virgin Movie

T-Rex Virgin Movie

Funny T-Rex Rambo Movie

T-Rex Rambo Movie
Member reactions:
Creative, and you've made the Rex with the Rambo spirit indeed.
Stalonasaurus hahahhahaha. Sweet Cup congrats

Funny T-Rex Bowling

T-Rex Bowling
Member reactions:
Like how you redesigned the whole bowling area as a predator zoo.
I didn'r see your comment Newsey. I must have be commenting when you were writing --> I did not design the bowling alley. I just removed and rebuilt parts. It is a real place.. Fish Bowl Thanks all for the votes and comments
Congrats on the silver, Hits. The bowling alley source was a perfect fit anyhow.
Congrats, Hits. Different and Super Build.

Funny T-Rex Figure Skating

T-Rex Figure Skating
Member reactions:
One of the best. The dino could use some contrast i think.

Funny T-Rex Boxing Gorilla

T-Rex Boxing Gorilla
1st round KO with a right cross
Member reactions:
I especially like the dynamism in this entry.

Funny T-Rex Celebrities

T-Rex Celebrities
When we think about dinosaurs, the first visual image that comes to mind is likely Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex). One reason for such "popularity" is that T-Rex was one of most powerful predators that ever roamed the Earth - it could eat up to 500 pounds (230 kilograms) of meat in one bite, and was up to 20 feet tall (6 m). They really ruled this planet, at least on the shore, thus the name "Rex" meaning "king" in Latin. The second reason why we associate dinosaurs mostly with T-Rex, is that the Rex has a very distinct "disproportional anatomy" like no other animal - massive tail followed by the powerful legs and feet, short torso, weak tiny arms, and a huge head. So today, we've been thinking, what if human bodies were designed with the T-Rex proportions in mind? Take any celebrities and turn them into T-Rexes using the following procedure (please refer to the themepost for a quick example): Make the arms smaller and the torso shorter; increase the waist and make the legs really massive without making them longer; enlarge the feet; keep the head and the neck sizes (enlarging the head would ruin the photo realism as it will start to look like a caricature, so we especially ask you to refrain from caricatures in this contest). Please don't blend celebrities with any animal parts - ideally you should be able to T-Rex each celebrity using just one source photo. Here's a side by side comparison of the themepost to the original photo. Good luck! Please don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles. Apologies from Newsy for the "quick and dirty" job on the themepost - I did it just to provide an example. A quick afterthought here - is it just me, or the 'shopped image of Tom Cruise somehow seems more natural (the way we know the guy) than the original photo on the left which now seems 'shopped in comparison?. I wonder if Kim Karadashian T-Rex will seem more natural than the shopped photos of herself she's been putting on Instagram.

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