George Washington Reviews Obama's Birth Certificate
George Washington Reviews Obama's Birth Certificate
George Washington Reviews Obama's Birth Certificate. Member reactions:
HA. Love this. All it needs now is some painting "texture" on the Obama head and hands.
Awesome idea..... Now the Birth Certificate got reviewed What is the end result Good chop.. nice merge and great caricatur done on both the heads
Excellent Great caricature & excellent texture
Lovely chop, freaky gesture of Obama with Crazy head and hand placement and Embarrassed expression perfect to the situation . agree to pcrdds about 'texture' well its very thoughtful chop
This is really clever. Congrats on the wood, Wanderer.

Funny Chillerama Blu-ray Review

Chillerama Blu-ray Review
MIXED TECHNIQUE ON PHOTOSHOP DIGITAL PAINTING BY HAND, AND SOURCE FOR THE BACKGROUND AND TEXTURE FOR jacket. Chillerama might seem creative if one hadnít already seen the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse, featuring Planet Terror (Rodriguez) and Death Proof (Tarantino), the two directorsí tribute to low-budget, B-grade filmmaking, full of gore, grit, and exploitation.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work but there is a problem with the news link: The "blue ray reviews" is not news, but a product review. I found the news link for you for the Grindhouse restoration and edited your link. Please be more careful in the future with the news source selection.
Great painting, silver congrats PSMandrake.
Silver Congrats PSMandrake . . . nicely done
Congrats on the silver Mandrake. Great coloring and comp

Funny Junk Food Review Magazine Cover

Junk Food Review Magazine Cover
Member reactions:
So much to love in your chop...Good Luck.

Funny Obama Reviews the Clinton's Sex Tape

Obama Reviews the Clinton's Sex Tape
Fairly bad quality because the server does not accept more than 350 kb
Member reactions: ... t-tape-205957074 As you can see Obama sitting and Chief of Staff ..... Carrying a picture of Hillary Clinton is wearing underwear ( Clinton appears in the mirror in the middle of the couch is wearing underwear ) , And also appear in the back it ready to fight .......
You can bring the quality down to about 8 without losing much resolution. Allowing you to transfer a fairly large image. It also doesn't hurt to tweak the jpg image once it's been resized. I like the pic. Nice use of filters.
Just make a web copy at 1200 pixel and turn down the quality will be lost...or not much anyway...good idea, topaz a bit strong, but i do it with topaz it..
I agree with the above - many people submit here and 350 KB restriction is not a problem - just look at other entries in this contest or other contests. Great entry.

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