Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed
Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed
Secret of a smile and a lunar landscape is revealed.

Funny Titanic Marriage Certificate Revealed

Titanic Marriage Certificate Revealed

Funny Nasa Reveals the Dark Side of the Moon

Nasa Reveals the Dark Side of the Moon
NASA Unveils New 'B-Side' Of The Moon
Member reactions:
So the Pink Floyd album re-make will be called "BackSide of the Moon".

Funny Secret Obama Child Revealed Inside White House

Secret Obama Child Revealed Inside White House
Member reactions:
This is really hilarious The dog recognize him
Gold congrats DD funny work, I just noticed the sweat spots.

Funny Edward Snowden In Russia Revealing More Secrets

Edward Snowden In Russia Revealing More Secrets
Member reactions:
So he is on the mission to get Birth Certificate of Obama good and funny job done love to see the little baby steps on the certificate
Genius thought and the Most burning secret to the World I was wondering if Obamaski's appearance could be in this entry
Congratulations Dr. Screwy. How can you be so funny all the time. Cool Font. Which is it-.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Not one person noticed the left footprint has six toes.

Funny Rodney Pike's Caricature Secret Revealed

Rodney Pike's Caricature Secret Revealed
Sources used with permission from rwpike.
Member reactions:
i like all the images on the wall, the whole kitchen sink. cheers.
Amazing work, I don't think you would have room for anymore sources....I love the Jewish Paint by Number
hahah that's freaky cool .. i still laugh at my character there , thank you
Thanks, Mr. Pike...and again, thank you for granting me permission to use your awesome chops.
Freaking genius work. Now that Pike's secret has been revealed, we can all do caricatures easy. Just tell us where to order these Paint By Numbers kits.
Thanks, Newsy. Operators are standing by to take your order. Call now...1-800-PIKESTER
Calling now 1-800-WINNER. Congrats on the win, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. I haven't heard the phone ring, though.
You really hit a home run with this one Paul, Congratulations on a well deserved GOLD
Congratulations on the gold PC. Top chop mate.
pcrdds this is wonderful... congrats on the win well deserved...
Very nice. one of your best. Congrads on the gold

Funny FN Headquarters And NewsMaster Revealed

FN Headquarters And NewsMaster Revealed
A lot of questions can now be answered.
Member reactions:
Hahahaa, I thought this face looked somewhat familiar.
and you're right about the blood-shot eyes from all the hours online, .
I knew it, I knew here is something about newsy.. hidden, this Rocks
This is awesome....looks like Newsy & a self portrait
Whats that hideous flesh colored bag on the table. He he he he
dd...I hope he doesn't read your comment. Bwahahahahah.
I want the computer..better start production, Vlad....thats how your eyes would be Vlad, i love how you keep this site going must be so much work..well done mate....
i love this.. his long phalanges typing away...
Thanks so much, preemiememe. Glad you like it.
Hey DD & Hidden: it's the hideous flesh colored bag speaking, and I understand these comments
Trophy Hog strikes again...... Bwahahahahahahahah.
Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, blooddiamond...and dd, well...Bwahahahahahah.
Hey, is that a Gold cup I see.... See there is a God and he likes FN satire hahahaha Well done.
Thanks, Rickytrek...right back at ya. Thanks, RW...You know I appreciate it.
.. gold and silver your on fire..... congratsssss pcrdds...
I think we need to have you tested for Steroids....congratulations on the double.
Thanks, salis. Thanks, D-man. Test all you want.
Top two trophies in the UFO contest. pcrdds, you are out of this world. Congrats.
Thanks, Newsy...yeah, people have told me I'm from another planet.
Haha.It's freaking excellent...Congrats for the two win...Bravo.

Funny Kim Jong IL Revealed by WikiLeaks

Kim Jong IL Revealed by WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks reveals the real reason Lil' Kim has decided to step down.
Member reactions:
the dogs running away from being cooked as barbecue. and Kim never looked better
Thanks, Newsy. I'm glad you caught the dog reference. For those who want to know...Kim's body is from one of the "Jersey Shore" ladies.
Silver congrats, pcrdds. As a bonus you have won a 10% discount at Kim's BBQ.
Thanks, Newsy. Gee, only a 10% discount at Kim's BBQ. I was hoping for at least 25%. Okay, when do I get my coupon.
Excellent entry. Really looks ao real And you know, I bet that little dwebe is a cross dressing whackjob. Not that cross dressers are whackjobs but little 4 foot dictators tend to be
Thanks, Hitspinner. I agree with what you said.
The only way I could get a gold is if I were the only entry.
good entry, but the head and the body have two different colours, i don't like the blending.. sorry for my bad english
They have different colors because there is rouge on Kim's face.
lil. congrats on the silver...great work.
Thanks, CSdennis and ibou. Much appreciated.
cool work here .. congrats on the silver friend .. and keep going
Thanks, Kratos and Mark. I'll keep going.

Funny Global Warming Reveals A Ship in Iceberg

Global Warming Reveals A Ship in Iceberg
As ice bergs melt, we will find long missing ships, air planes, bodies. I suppose my car keys are too much to hope for.

Funny Prince Harry Revealed Magazine

Prince Harry Revealed Magazine
Member reactions:
VERY good... The Carrot Top part makes me feel sad... it's overwhelming.
FUNNY.. You did a lot of work to get this... looks great.
The Queen is a Man. I'm shocked.Congrats R-Man.
Lots of great satire here. Thanks for the laughs.
Love those ears. Still laughing here Rainman.

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