Father and son reunion
Father and son reunion
Father and son reunion. Member reactions:
Funny, buy why hats do not produce shadows .

Funny Harry Potter Class Reunion

Harry Potter Class Reunion
Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts for his 50th Class Reunion
Member reactions:
If what is on his face is a tattoo, should be less evident. Good entry anyway.
Congratz on Woody, Wahphoto. Excellent Chopping.

Funny Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico

Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico
Member reactions:
The question is why are they so desperate .
Col play on words, here, picasso. One of your best chops yet.
thank you newsmaster but yet again low numbers oh well it is.. what it is.. not stopping me from getting better

Funny Family Reunion

Family Reunion
Member reactions:
Nice use of source and hard work seen. Its a multiple image work .....

Funny Dick Clark Heaven Reunion

Dick Clark Heaven Reunion
Member reactions:
Awesome Combination Very well done Music Lovers
Dancing in the clouds and the galaxy behind welcoming the great persons from earth
Thanks, everybody. Appreciate the nice comments.
Silver congrats Dr.Paul
Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Chili Man.

Funny Deliverance, 40 Year Reunion

Deliverance, 40 Year Reunion
Original cast 40 year reunion, Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox
Member reactions:
that movie makes me sick love the banjo guy
Its definitely not a comedy. Thats why this is so freaking hilarious.
. I have to admit I still did not see this movie after my friend told me her impressions of it. I did read the plot though, and maybe one day I'll have enough courage to see it Hilarious stuff here.
Its not for the faint of heart, thats for sure, but it is a famous American classic.

Funny Presidents Reunion on Friday the 13th

Presidents Reunion on Friday the 13th
President Obama, President Clinton, President George W. Bush, Tom Cruise, Al Sharpton, Larry King, Hillary Clinton, Arnold Scharzenegger, Don Adams, Michael Jackson, Don King, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, John McCain.
Member reactions:
What a party here. Hats off for integrating them all.

Funny Catherine Zeta Jones and Old Family Reunion

Catherine Zeta Jones and Old Family Reunion
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Could work as Snow White and the gnomes.
HoH - there will be some headaches for sure the next day.
Bwhahahahaha yopu got the old man looking at he azzz ...what a hoot.

Funny Obama in Beijing Reunion Movie

Obama in Beijing Reunion Movie
Member reactions:
very good. gettin' tech with the credits..
Congrats on your triple win AZ. The colors in this one are awesome.
:) great work congrats on the gold rain..
Thanks all Hope things pick up soon...seems kinds of slow of late.
Another trophy to add to the mantle...6 to go & ya gonna be #1 WooHoo I can't wait.

Funny Gods American Family Reunion

Gods American Family Reunion
Carried Away
Member reactions:
The whole party here. See it in full view.

Funny Family Reunion

Family Reunion
America has chosen its next president. The fights between Obama and McCain camps are over and on the election night they both spoke highly of each other and agreed that they must work together to make America a better place, to leave their differences behind and reunite America that was so divided during these elections. After all, America is one big family. Let's start reuniting America by photoshopping Obama and Biden with McCain and Palin as one family (say on their family reunion photoshoot). To make things more interesting we encourage you to also change their gender or age. You can take things further and add Obama / McCain spouses or Clinton and Bush couples to this big family. As a sign of unity, you might also show some political messages on their clothes (or banners somewhere in the image).

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