Self Portrait in Drag Retouched
Self Portrait in Drag Retouched
Self Portrait in Drag Retouched. Retouched his drag self-portrait

Funny Girl Retouched in Photoshop

Girl Retouched in Photoshop
Member reactions:
I have seen this before. you added some hair and looks like the eye color and eyebrow is different. maybe you were inspired by the original. If so that's cool. The thing I love the most about Adriana Lima is her beautiful imperfections. I think this would make for an excellent contest too. Photoshopping half of a celebrity.
Thanks for the link, but I was not inspired by this picture, I didn't even know about its existence till now. I took the idea from here: Baustelle Body. I found the picture of Adriana Lima on the internet and used it for my chop. I not only added hair and changed her eye color and eyebrow. I edited here skin, lips and eye makeup too. I also did some minor work on the plain half of her face.
good subject to work with.Adriana Lima is the most beautiful model working today.
That was fantastic Camthalio keep going my friend

Funny Photo Retouching Before and After

Photo Retouching Before and After
inspiration from tutorial at

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