Ms. Schwarzenegger retired
Ms. Schwarzenegger retired
Ms. Schwarzenegger retired.

Funny It's time to retire

It's time to retire
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Ha, Putina's gotta cool new doo. Great job.
OTakes the Gold. Congrats, a very fine job.
Thanc thank you very much all for the kind words and suggestions

Funny Ready to Retire

Ready to Retire
Ready to Retire

Funny Retires


Funny Batman (Retired) was hired again for salvation of mankind

Batman (Retired) was hired again for salvation of mankind

Funny Terminator 2025 (retired) `Putin's invasion in Europe`

Terminator 2025 (retired) `Putin's invasion in Europe`

Funny Old Retired Barack Obama

Old Retired Barack Obama
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Out of job and peace in mind looks too relaxed

Funny Rick Baker Retiring and Holds Auction

Rick Baker Retiring and Holds Auction
Rick Baker to retire and auction off his collection After winning 7 Academy Awards for special effects and a number of other special effects awards, Rick Baker announces his retirement and holds a huge auction including the coveted Hellboy glove.
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Ten sources used: SOURCES
great work Rick Baker you make the industry proud.... well chopped matching to the news link
Steve. So nice to see you. Congrats on the wood. I see your chopping skills did not get rusty in your absence
Howdy stranger. Nice comeback with a woody. Good looking chop.
Thank you everyone. I can't believe my last entry was 16 months ago. Too long.
Congrats man. You deserved first place for this entry, bad luck
Congrats man. You deserved first place for this entry, bad luck

Funny Retired politicians former European Union Member

Retired politicians former European Union Member

Funny Officer Darren Wilson Retires

Officer Darren Wilson Retires
Nowhere to go now. Officer Retires SOURCES
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Will the masterpieces never end. Love it. Wouldn't a Paula Dean tattoo be more appropriate here.
This rocks my world, Hidden. But you need to remove the KKK picture on the wall as as don't allow any references to them on FN.
Okay, gimmie a sec or two Done
Great Character. Very Well executed. Best of luck.
Excellent work... his torn dress and a cigar indicates now he is free from his responsibilities No strings attached now good work
Outstanding gallery of caricatures. All to collect.
seems i got you at the last minute. great work hits. lots of work. the locks on the door are a great touch. congrats mate.
Congrats on the woody Tim. Awesome clean chop and cool caricature.
Thanks Bob and Dan. It was a little disappointing to take 4th after all that work but not disappointing to loose to better chops. As it happens there is always somebody that sucks hind nip
Congrats on cup, Hits. Great job and biggest ongoing news story
Yeah it is. Crazy stuff. I think the folks of Fergusson MO. are starting to realize they picked the wrong poster boy for police brutality on blacks. I an seeing tons of black people coming forward and saying as much. Having been somewhat of a former thug myself I hate to say I told you so hahahah But the dude was as obvious as a train wreck what he was all about.
Oh-thought this was JB. Ooops. Congratulations.

Funny Conyers Retires

Conyers Retires
Michigan's Republican governor announced Friday that Democrat John Conyers' congressional seat will not be filled until the regularly scheduled November election, leaving it vacant for nearly a year. The 88-year-old Conyers, who was facing a House Ethics Committee investigation over claims by former staffers, cited health reasons for his resignation Tuesday. John CONYERS said on retiring that his LEGACY cannot be diminished. Detroit would need several bull dozers and dump trucks to haul his miserable legacy away. Create ANY images that include John Conyers...PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Justin Bieber Retiring

Justin Bieber Retiring
Looks like Christmas comes early this year as Justin Bieber said "he was retiring." Should we believe it? Photoshop what other jobs can Bieber do once he retires from music, OR show us retired Bieber in his old years.

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