The Real Reason for Retirement
The Real Reason for Retirement
The Real Reason for Retirement. . Member reactions:
Creepy place to spend some time after retirement
Nice. Would score much higher if it showed what movie this refers too

Funny Ballmer's Retirement Announcement

Ballmer's Retirement  Announcement
. Member reactions:
Good thinking Nice explantion of retirement

Funny Retirement decision

Retirement decision

Funny Retirement Watch

Retirement Watch
. Member reactions:
Nice watch.... when it stops you go to hell

Funny Clint In Retirement

Clint In Retirement
. Member reactions:
veeeery funny and very well done, bravo my friend
Clint seems too old... his is worried for his retirement benefits well done
Great job making Clint a ordinary 100 year old.. Bronze Cup Congratulations GarRobMil
Congrats on the bronze, GRM.Give it a few years and this will actually be true.

Funny Retirement ranch in Kenya

Retirement ranch in Kenya
. Member reactions:
hehehehe very funny expression facial good job
Awesome look.... The perfect one with a lovely Beard

Funny Nolte and Caine on retirement

Nolte and Caine on retirement
. Member reactions:
Nicely chopped, not very interesting though.
Both looks relaxed and resting after work

Funny Hillary Clinton In Retirement

Hillary Clinton In Retirement
Hillary Clinton has plans for her retirement. Member reactions:
Funny as HELLO... Just one little thing, Bill's face and the donuts are showing the same source of light, while Hilly's face is opposite.
Hillary's wasn't just "wasn't." I think you should like it better now, pegleg.
Too funny. I didn't even know they made banana Twinkies,
Hillary looks much fat after eating all the donots and Bill looks funny with the freaky hair style its a real retirement plans to kick off in near future Good and Hilarious job done
I am out of my mind now.... What a fantastic work, she looks so real and his hair work is so crazy..... Play Boy practice
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, eric. Thanks, PSM. Thanks, JimShorts.
Congrats on the bronze.
Seriously... the cigar through the hole of the magazine cracked me up.Love the Hillary's tattoo too.Great work all around - congrats on the bronze, Paul.

Funny Retirement Airlines!

Retirement Airlines!
. Member reactions:
Good idea. Suggest putting some shadow under the hat and aligning the text slant with the windows. Maybe try a Reverse Italic font.
Thank you, GarRobMil.I will do it just will have access to my Photoshop.
This is really a freaky idea All retired diplomats fly together but need hot chicks to entertain very funny
Hilarious chop, buddies enjoying farewell very well

Funny Enjoying Retirement

Enjoying Retirement
Wrong Chinese Lantern was used for Apprentice Contests(looks the same for me).. Member reactions:
Bean looks always awesome and comic his teddy also retires

Funny Michael Schumacher Retirement

Michael Schumacher Retirement
[ On Sunday, Formula One racing legend Michael Schumacher, had the final race in his career and has officially retired. Weeks ago Schumacher announced that he will retire afer this Formula One season, and this Sunday he waved the official good-bye to the 12 million German spectators and many more Formula One fans, after finishing fourth at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Schumacher is a seven-times world champion, is the world's first billionaire athlete, and his retirement income will be over $20 million per year, mostly from signed advertising contracts. ] Schumacher has been living his life in the fast lane. Now that he's retired (at the age of 37), will he just slow down, turn to the first gear, and slowly turn into a couch potato? Money can't buy him happiness, but I'm sure he'll be more comfortable crying in his multi-million dollar estate. Boredom didn't kill Bill Gates, and it has no plans of killing Michael Schumacher either. And with all these advertising contracts, he can still make ends meet during his retirement. In this contest you are asked to age Michael Schumacher. In addition, you can show how aged Schumacher will spend his older days - e.g. what advertisements he will appear in, and what products he will endorse.

Funny Lance Armstrong Retirement

Lance Armstrong Retirement
What will Lance be doing once he retires? Will he move to another sport or will he select an entirely different career? Your mission is to show us where Lance will be once he retires from cycling!

Funny Retirement Hobbies

Retirement Hobbies
Photoshop what the world leaders might do (or not) in their older retirement years, or in their not so old years if they decided to retire suddenly.

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