Restaurant Hostess
Restaurant Hostess
Restaurant Hostess. Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, I would eat there, looks Peaceful.👌

Funny Bull Froggy's Restaurant

Bull Froggy's Restaurant
Bull Froggy's - The Place For Legs. This is one of the joke ads I've done in our publication "The Best Of The North Georgia Mountains". it's kind of a parody of Chick-fil-a's advertising "EET More CHIKEN."
Member reactions:
Very funny and very clever... Is their motto, "Get A Leg Up On The Competition."
How about a link to "The Best Of The North Georgia Mountains."
... I wish I would have thought of that. We'll save it for the franchise prospectus. It's It was the Best Of Ellijay, Blue Ridge & Jasper but we just changed the name
Looks real in a parallel universe... Like a lot.
Great magazine, "hidden." And, great article about you in the current issue starting on page 48. Do you do ALL the original artwork for it.
Getting out of my mind seeing this again and again.... EEET more FROG.
Thanks. Yes, It's a small town paper, my wife and I do it all along with a bunch of great columnists we have that write for the paper
All the animals are jumping on the eat more frogs bandwagon. That is some tasty looking frog legs, nice job.
Robb,creative and funny piece of work,Congrats on the bronze
Fine and funny job, Robb. Congrats on the cup
Congrats Robb, amusing and humorous chop.
Insta-classic. Congrats on the bronze, Robb.

Funny Bears and Cougars Hanging out at a Restaurant

Bears and Cougars Hanging out at a Restaurant
Why be enemies. Lets hang out, get a shake and some fries maaan.. A bit sloppy- as it was made with online photo editor. Everything looked okay but I can see a bunch of "issues" that appeared when saving the file.. distortion and smudges. Ill leave it as is however.
Member reactions:
Quality work with online photo editor, but why not use normal software like Photoshop.
NewsMaster; I do use Photoshop, but I happened to be during a quiet day and got bored.. haha. Online editors certainly is not my first choice... but this one does pretty good.
Great job.... well done in putting the animals as they are hangout in weekend with their stuff
Nice work for a "slack-time" endeavor. Your link would work if you follow the News contest instructions. I have a headache every time I attempt to create a link but, I'm getting better at it.
Grea job considering basic software. I am in the same boat. I had photoshop but no more
Thank you all for your feedback- Always fun

Funny Expired Food Store And Restaurant

Expired Food Store And Restaurant
Former Trader Joe's ex-President is opening a store and restaurant, selling expired food.
Member reactions:
Good thought selling food which ignored by the rich to poor will feed some... The chop is awesome..... perfectly matches and the way the labels describe each stuff is really appreciable good job done
Is this Wal-Mart. hahaha good job CONGRATS

Funny Twins at an Italian Restaurant

Twins at an Italian Restaurant
Member reactions:
Bwhaha, his face looks like that mad scientist guy in the Green Lantern movie. That is really, really strange Good luck
.... both looks same ofcourse they were twins and Hidden you made them well identical twins... good job done

Funny Salis Opens A New Kosher Syrian Restaurant

Salis Opens A New Kosher Syrian Restaurant
That's one tasty Pastrami on rye.
Member reactions:
"Kosher Syrian..."(.) Looks like HIDDEN is loose again.
, the taped sideburns cracked me up the most.. Hilarious as always hidden..
smoookeeeeeeeee Special sandwich
Lot of flesh in a couple of bread slices with Cigarette is complementary ha ha
Another great effort; always humorous and tasteful.
Yes, he did, he could marry fellow Syrian Jew, Paula Abdul.

Funny People Eating Outside a CHICK FIL A Restaurant

People Eating Outside a CHICK FIL A Restaurant

Funny Helicopter Carrying a Cow to a McDonalds Restaurant

Helicopter Carrying a Cow to a McDonalds Restaurant
Member reactions:
I think it would blend better if the McD and added had a painting texture but very creative.
I think the new should blend a little more but clever idea

Funny Bankrupt McDonalds New Restaurant

Bankrupt McDonalds New Restaurant
Member reactions:
Thanks, GarRobMil...thanks, Sunshin3...thanks, Nanny...thanks, rajeshstar.
Great construction work indeed. Poor McDonald's
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, Ivan. Thanks, JoaoN.
Congratulations on the GOLD, well deserved.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, IcyAllEyeCan.
Paul says: to protect your self from bankruptcy, invest in GOLD. Congrats on the win.
Thanks, Newsy. If only I would have known that when I was in dental school when it was $40 per ounce.

Funny McDonalds Restaurant on Top of an Iceberg

McDonalds Restaurant on Top of an Iceberg
August 3, 2011 Arctic sea ice at record low
Member reactions:

Funny Restaurant Celebrities

Restaurant Celebrities
Kevin Federline has upset fast food industry workers by mocking their jobs commercial for Nationwide Insurance which will be aired during Super Bowl. It seems Super Bowl fans including Britney Spears would rather look at reruns of Janet Jackson's last Super Bowl appearance than watch Kevin ask the age old question: "Want fries with that?" In this contest you are asked to photoshop celebrities and politicians working in the restaurant industry.

Funny Restaurants

Create other new and "diverse" restaurants or food items using existing popular food company brand themes. E.g. how would Al-Zarqawi name his own restaurant?

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