JOhn Boehner Resigns Goes on Vacation
JOhn Boehner Resigns Goes on Vacation
JOhn Boehner Resigns Goes on Vacation. Retires
Member reactions:
TY Didn't fool you with the correct anatomical structure. I think people are lying when they say they are getting tired of the characterized anatomy chops. I delivered an easy-peasy, fairly realistic style and splat, 0 for 3. Time to stoke up the fire and make it hard. hehehehe in my most evil laugh
Personally, one of my favorites in the contest. Love the realism here. Scored pretty well (over 8.1), though only 6th place

Funny Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel Resigns Under Pressure

Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel Resigns Under Pressure
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel resigns under pressure
Member reactions:
Clean and neat Nice Interior of the room.
Good caricature of Obama and Hagel Like the sculpture of Obama around that room good one
In the past we destroyed Saddam's statues, in the future....
I think even Cesar didn't have that many statues of him in his office. Seriously quality work, Paul. Congrats on top 5.
Thanks, Gummy and Newsy. I bet he actually has more.
Great job Doc. Congrats on making the top 5
Nice work-tough competition. I missed the vote anyway...

Funny Eric Holder Resigns Holding Burning Constitution

Eric Holder Resigns Holding Burning Constitution
Eric Holder resigns
Member reactions:
... sometimes this had to happened.... see the expression of Obama
Congrads on the Silver Cup, u got news down.

Funny General David Petraeus Resigns

General David Petraeus Resigns
CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns, Cites Extramarital Affair
Member reactions:
Looks great and a tough decision to made Good Job done CIA Director in resigning on Moral grounds Needs guts to do this well done

Funny Barack Obama Resigns

Barack Obama Resigns
Member reactions:
There won't any doubt about THIS baby's citizenship.

Funny German President Resigns

German President Resigns
German President resigns ____________ Sources
Member reactions:
Would love to see your sources, but it seems like the link is broken. Should be know who the man at the typewriter is.
the man at the typewriter is a simple man, not important, he just writes the resign letter thnx anyway =)
It is 'resignation letter' for the record. Good work-high marks.
Christian Wulff Resigns, excellent work with the source images great effects created through lighting thunders and typing his resignation
Shame to see this not place. Tough competition.. great chop.
thnx all =) Toledoeagle...that's not a problem =) i'll try to win next time

Funny Nancy Pelosi Resigns

Nancy Pelosi Resigns
Member reactions:
the note, bra, and the cut. I'll call it this edition: "The End of Nancy Pelosi. (Director's Cut)"

Funny George Bush Resigns

George Bush Resigns
Member reactions:
Not much exhibition of pshop skills other than cutting John Stewart from background.
Good, clean straightforward chop. . I'd like to say "Better Late Than Never". However I think it's about eight years too late. . The damage has been done, and whoever sits in the White House will have their job cut out for them to deal with the havoc inflicted upon this country and the world. . I am surprised that Colin Powell lasted a long as he did, not being a 'yes' man and feel that Condoleezza Rice has had to politely grit her teeth and 'Get 'er done'. Now for her, it is 'guilt by association'. by the way, I don't think that GWB is an 'idiot', that gives him the benefit of the doubt. I think he's cold, calculating and ruthless.
ditto steve...but, a cold calculating and ruthless idiot...double wammy. I like the chop.
Too late (his term almost over), but very appropriate nonetheless.

Funny George Bush Resigns

George Bush Resigns
Dedicated to my pals raygregory and V1nc3nt
Member reactions:
THe SHOCK and AWE of the announcement so surprised Cheney he had a heart attack and Condom Lezza become's the First Woman President.
I wouldn't put any shadow behind him. It looks perfectly natural. It appears to be an overcast day with no sunlight to cast a shadow.
Yeah no shadow, the reflection on the glass is awesome enough
Wishful thinking, but a good picture none the less.

Funny I told you you must resign

I told you you must resign
Platini is disappointed

Funny You're Fired! No I Resigned!

You're Fired! No I Resigned!
President Trump fired John Bolton as national security adviser, saying there were several issues, that he strongly disagreed with many of John's suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and asked for his resignation, which he gave. While Bolton swiftly challenged the president's version of events -- saying he offered to resign -- the two have had well-known disagreements on a range of hot-button national security issues, perhaps most significantly on plans for a troop drawdown in Afghanistan. Now that John Bolton lost his job as national security adviser, show what other jobs and contracts he might (or might not) be offered next, or how he'll spend his free time. Please Note: Limit 3 Entries Per Player. Many thanks to mrassad for the themepost.

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