Three Republican Stooges
Three Republican Stooges
Three Republican Stooges. Member reactions:
Nice work... Three stooges concept liked it

Funny Republican Elephant

Republican Elephant
Republican Elephant
Member reactions:
Let's make everything about politics 🙄
The extras to me are not in the spirit of the contest.
Very cute, I see nothing at all wrong with adding objects in the scene, also being political, there wasn't anything stated in the contest about not doing so, to me I vote on the Quality and Effort in the chop.
I would ,instead, comply with right proportions. People on the elephant are too amall.
Elephant looks ticked, but who wouldn't be.

Funny Republican Challenge

Republican Challenge
Member reactions:
Awesome composite Pree. Love the Kasich expression..

Funny Republican Stooges

Republican Stooges

Funny Past Republican Presidential Debate

Past Republican Presidential Debate
If They were only running today... William h. Taft,Richard M Nixon,Theodore Roosevelt,Dwight Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover

Funny The Republican Election Circus

The Republican Election Circus
Member reactions:
Morbidly wicked This is freakishly demented hahahhaha

Funny Jeb Bush Comes to the Republican Debate Without Pants

Jeb Bush Comes to the Republican Debate Without Pants
“I could drop my pants,” he said in an interview. “Moon the whole crowd. Everybody would be aghast, except the press guys would never notice.”

Funny Strange Republican Debate

Strange Republican Debate
What they really said during the debate
Member reactions:
funny video hidden. maybe you should include "funny video" in your news link
Yeah, Ya know that Rand Paul doesn't look bad in pink.
Y'all be sure to go look at the link, It's funnier than a green smurf.

Funny Republican Keystone Pipe Dream

Republican Keystone Pipe Dream
So Republicans voted several times for Keystone pipeline. Looks like Pipe dream to me. This fellow on the left side is Stephen Harper, Canadian prime minister. Canada and Koch brothers are to be the biggest winners of this pipeline. Feel free to disagree with me. Obama’s newly harsh tone on Keystone XL seen signaling rejection of pipeline project
Member reactions:
Fantastic political satire. Great work hidden.
Political complications with selfish genius; rules the natural treasure.. Its so awkward minds out there around the world. Bad politics makes suffer to the common man.
Very nice job from top to bottom, for sure.

Funny Democrats and Republican Fist Fight in DC

Democrats and Republican Fist Fight in DC
Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on spending measures leading to an indefinite shutdown
Member reactions:
Great dynamics and texture. Very cool. liking the TEA ring.
Dynamic piece with genius touches like "T" "EA" rings
Boy, that is a lot of head swaps. I checked out the original source and then I could spot the production elements to see what you did with the filters and what-not. Lots of fine work, hidden and excellent idea.
Mind tinkling with wonders seeing this entry, Awesome
Thank you so much Newsy, Master Hitspinner and eric..
I did the same as Hits, & yes I agree, lots of wk and good wk at that.
Thanks Xaos and Kelly... I guess next time I may have to post my source
Congrats on the silver, Jim. Those shorts seem to help - they are kinda Rocky style shorts - made to win.
congrats JS. very dynamic debate going on there, hehe.
You must have worn out your mouse making this one Congrats on the win.
This was the winner in my book. Congrats Mr. Shorts
Did you use a pastel and charcoal filter on this. I think I have the water color paper/canvas application but I am not sure where yet, Still getting used to the new pgrm.

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