The death of the Republic
The death of the Republic
The death of the Republic. Member reactions:
Nice lava flow and the Macron's expressions.

Funny Rooster Republic

Rooster Republic
Member reactions:
Oh I love Trump's chicken. Beautiful blending.
He's a cutie, love his straps also, bacon would look good with his eggs.
Silver Congrats Bloomster, Great idea Excellent work.
Congrats on the silver. The chicken badge is a great touch
Russian uniform and many details, awesome ...

Funny Banana Republic

Banana Republic
If you know Mugabe you will understand...
Member reactions:
The wording is icing on a cake. Great entry.
Funny statement (the guy is a monster), but maybe you should blend him and the other bananas better with the rest of the "nout."
I agree with Raygregory. Try to bring down the 'white' with Levels. (Or whatever tool you use for that)
Mugabe is an evil monster, the more people know about this the better. Great entry.
I hear ya. I met Mugabe. I understand. Thanks for not being politically correct.

Funny No Banana Republic for Australia

No Banana Republic for Australia
The age old argument of whether Australia should split from Britain.
Member reactions:
OK - any suggestions though. Change the bulges perhaps.. Would love some tips please...

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