Turkey Reporter On Capital Hill
Turkey Reporter On Capital Hill
Turkey Reporter On Capital Hill. Member reactions:
There's a bunch of turkeys reporting on the hill.

Funny Taco Fake Reporter

Taco Fake Reporter
The Mexicanization of the United States

Funny Sally Kohn Reporter for the Daily Beast

Sally Kohn Reporter for the Daily Beast
CNN Contributor, Sally Kohn, Reporter for Daily Beast) Progressive Liberal and just plain irritating person. Sally Source
Member reactions:
Thank you Hobbit. Though they look like zits, they are actually exaggerated bruises/lumps from fighting with the Republican mascot .
the lumps are the "cherry on top" of this fine chop, hehe.
Is this chop infectious across internet .
congratz on teh win and a cool piece of choppage, Spinster.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, another great Chop.
Congrats on the win, Hit-man. Ohh..shoot. Now I see the guy/girl. I liked the elephant best. :O
Congrats on the gold, Hitman. Another home run.
thanks gang. Sorry I am late, had a doc appointment and a subsequent busy day. Old Hits got his A55 chewed out by the sawbones. Oooopsie. Thank you Champ, Newsy, Andrew, Bob, SS , HoHouse, Jere, Gummy, Hobbit, Luciano, Balodiya, Joan and Nisha

Funny Christopher Columbus the Reporter

Christopher Columbus the Reporter
Member reactions:
One of the best in the show. Love how you took the modern angle with Columbus here.. And... nice avatar, mrassad.

Funny Marie Colvin Reporter Tribute

Marie Colvin Reporter Tribute
she always tried to bring the truth to the people,,, MarieColvin
Member reactions:
I wouldn't want her job if I was a woman. Good work.
Fantastic job She looks very beautiful and nice Composition
Its really amazing to see the Pipe and Hooka with the smoke engulfing all over Clean Job done here
Very well done hidden , i like alot ...
Very well deserved Gold Pree , Congrats ....
Colorful, clean and crisp...golden congrats Pree.
Congrats on the gold, Pree. Great tribute to a great reporter.
Great chop for a great lady. Congrats pree-ee.

Funny Napoleon the French News Reporter

Napoleon the French News Reporter
Member reactions:
cool. the add-on is funny... now's too late to add his parachute.

Funny Jesus on Cross with a Reporter

Jesus on Cross with a Reporter

Funny Tim Russert Reporter

Tim Russert Reporter

Funny News Reporters on Strike

News Reporters on Strike
Full image is now wallpaper size and repaired.
Member reactions:
great concept. some masking is needed, on the webbed section connecting to the suit and crossing the sleeve. I'll be a pain but well worth the effort when voting comes around.
Congrats rain. Your mojo will be back in your hands shortly. Just visiting gold, gonna be hard to stay.
The bugs on the desk are a nice added touch. Congrats Rainman.
Thanks folks, let's hope they don't go on strike or Newsy is going to be busy inventing his own news...hehe

Funny Reporter Covering First Alien Landing

Reporter Covering First Alien Landing
First Alien Landing
Member reactions:
Great colors and imagination. Looks like you slim Hits down quite a bit
...nice alien chop, HH. Hitspinner is also announcing the grand opening of Al Capone's vault.
Hahahahaha dang, I finished in 18th. My bubble is all popped now Thanks D, nice chop and much appreciated.

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