Repair Election Machine
Repair Election Machine
Repair Election Machine. Repair Election Machine

Funny Repairs

Member reactions:
Congrats Manos. Would like to see the right Bot under repair contrasted against the backdrop a little more.
Outstanding chop and idea. Woody Congrats, Manosart.
Odd place for this to finish Manosart. I easily saw a 9+ score for this. Grats anyway.
Congrats on the Wood, Mano. Impressive work on the lighting.

Funny Star War Visits Robots for Repairs

Star War Visits Robots for Repairs

Funny Television Repair Shop by Rembrandt

Television Repair Shop by Rembrandt
Member reactions:
Ahhh...that is the culprit. The wire is NOT hooked up. Congratulations Pcrdds.
Congrats on the wood, Paul.

Funny Rembrandt's TV Repair Class

Rembrandt's TV Repair Class

Funny David Letterman's Bike Repair

David Letterman's Bike Repair
Taking things at a slower pace ...
Member reactions:
Congrats, IcyAllEyeCan. Two great arts for contests. Happy Easter.
Congrats, IcyAllEyeCan. Two great arts for contests. Happy Easter.
COOL.. My first time placing two.. Awesome. Thanks, everybody.
Excellent....... Clean as they come. Congrats Icy

Funny Soldier at a Computer Repair Shop

Soldier at a Computer Repair Shop
You gotta be kidding.
Member reactions:
You remind me my old "Comby Intel486" Computer, and yes the Old entry as well

Funny Butch Cassidy's Auto Repair

Butch Cassidy's Auto Repair
The famous final freeze scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Mexican army raids bulletproofing auto shop SOURCE
Member reactions:
Thanks pcr, Icy and pree. One of the classic movies of all time and best sound track. It was great to see these two together again in The Sting.
Freaking luv it. Excellent remake of the classic shot.
Thanks rajsehstar. Thanks Newsy. I always wanted to do something with this photo.
deaddog i really loved this and gave it high marks...
Funny, funny, and very well done deaddog . . . especially love the pocket pal . . . Congrats on being featured

Funny Strange Clock Repair Man

Strange Clock Repair Man
Member reactions:
The clock mechanic must charge in FN credits. Goood job
Congrats on the bronze, DD. As a bonus you get a 10% discount on your next clock repair.
Ha. I don't know, I havent got the bill yet. He is also bidding out repair to the foundation.

Funny Cyborg in Repair

Cyborg in Repair
Cyborg in repacion, good way to repair and smoking and other robot was surprised to see this.
Member reactions:
good chop . ( perhaps the mechanism of her left leg would have been better placed entirely inside )
Cool chop. Is it supposed to illustrate the French expression "prendre son pied". (Literally, that means "to grab one's own foot", but the figurative sense is... "to have an orgasm".)
Congrats TaitaViracocha I suppose now it makes more sense kate Moss smokes with her foot if she's a cyborg...
Beautiful work... Very impressive... Congradulations on the Bronze, could have been gold very easy
Nice work as usual, TaitaViracocha. Congratulations on the bronze.
A winner at Worth and FN. Congratulations.
Truely Awesome Work..I'm feeling very lucky to be in the company of work this good.
Great work Taita congrats on the bronze and keep up great works friend
Congrats on bronze Taita. Nice effective chop.
... It's reminds my Chops. Really very kool work. Congratulations Buddy.

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