The Renegade Rat Soldier
The Renegade Rat Soldier
The Renegade Rat Soldier. Member reactions:
The pants, for some reason, are hilarious.
I appreciate your work Hidden Freaking Awesome and flawless, Hilarious look.. One Mouse Army
This lil critter is so damn cute, well worked.
He looks like the rat version of RAMBO. Awesome work.
Excellent Job Done Real Soldier, the costume the weapon, everything looks greattttttt
Great to see this Rat in an Army Dress, what a freaking concpet executed here A Rat with a Machine Gun, Sword and a Granite launcher behind it looks as if a Daring and Dashing Hero fighting for the country very well done
Your fantasy animals are always fun. CongRATs.
The creator of this image please contact me

Funny Renegade Pirate

Renegade Pirate
After the battle the spoils’ of victory and healing.
Member reactions:
A little rest before a next battle never hurt anyone

Funny Renegade @The Saloon

Renegade @The Saloon
Getting time for another road trip, yessere Bob, Hey is the only pic I have of myself doing what I like to do and iI did change something. Nothing left to say xcept Renegade isnt my road name ether.
Member reactions:
Riders rock. FN ornament on the jacket is a nice touch

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