White House Toy Tank with remote control
White House Toy Tank with remote control
White House Toy Tank with remote control. Member reactions:
Ok and again, buddy you are rocking these days.

Funny Remote Controlled Joe Biden Skater

Remote Controlled Joe Biden Skater
Member reactions:
With that antenna and high heel skates he looks like a remote controlled devil himself.
Thanks,everyone. Couldn't resist using those skates, Newsy.

Funny God Giving Adam the TV Remote

God Giving Adam the TV Remote
Member reactions:
You need to clean up the artifact on the TV's housing: image bleeding through. . OK. I don't get it but as it is what you were going for, good job.
I did that intentionally. You will notice it is not on the rest of the TV.
When I first put the TV in I didn't like the wood taking up so much of the screen. I started playing with reflections but decided to go with this.

Funny Remote Controlled Jets

Remote Controlled Jets
touch down source

Funny Vintage TV with Modern Remote

Vintage TV with Modern Remote
OLX 50$
Member reactions:
Nice to see the Old and new combinations, It works with remote as well
Glad you like rajeshstar. I tried to keep is as simple as I can and keeping the realistic looks of it. I put an infrared transceiver inside the TV to make it working with Modern Remote as you can see

Funny Remote Controlled Boat Races

Remote Controlled Boat Races
Member reactions:
Very clever.... good to use the Jet in the Race

Funny Male and Female Remote Controls

Male and Female Remote Controls
Eugene Polley, inventor of the remote control, dies at age 96
Member reactions:
Great concept and good chop. Suggest: Some selective blurring on the faces of the clickers, to smooth out. SO - can now blame Mr. Polley for my incipient laziness.
Thanks Steve... now which of the buttons do you suggest need blurring. p.s. me'missus & I agree that the mute are the ones that get the most wear.
Not the buttons, just the black/gray body faces of the remotes, to the edges of the buttons. Buttons are A-OK.
OK, your suggestion made me smile, and gave me the idea that some of the buttons could get more wear... and i took it from there. Here's the source "pro" image Netflix remote - you'll see the body is shiney plastic whereas the buttons are dulled rubber. Cheers.
I like the way the remote is designed for everybody needs, and more funnier is the mute button if she complains its mutes ha ha ha lovely remotes good news link
Is it working now. how much it cost me hidden
Rajeshstar, take care... she can also decide to zap YOU if you nag HER. and Ericnorthend, they function splendidly and cost very little, but the batteries can get expensive 'cause you'll quickly want to use these contraptions 24/24+7/7. Thanks all.
Sad news. Great chop. Congrats on the wood, GP.
my first "cuillère de bois" MERCI .

Funny Trying to Turn Sun on Via Remote During Eclipse

Trying to Turn Sun on Via Remote During Eclipse
Member reactions:
nice, but you should add the shadow of the thumb on the remote control
Good fix...wish you could do something about the pattern on the shirt where it was distorted.
noticed that, huh. ^ I sorta forgot about it when I was was putting everything down.
Hilarious and very nicely executed. I like the sources you chose too
thanks, the hands are my own since I couldn't find anything in the right configuration, I did chop in the remote and beer though.
congratulations on the bronze. my advice was useful to you.
Congrats Fido. excellent job. great texture work.
Is it just me, or does that cigarette look like it is just there, with nothing holding it. Between the pinky and ring finger, maybe..

Funny Remote Plane Toy

Remote Plane Toy
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. good job on the shadows and the motion blur

Funny Remote Control Cat Transporter

Remote Control Cat Transporter
Member reactions:
Im sorry but this is way tooo cute I love this one
Beautiful to look at.

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