I Remember
I Remember
I Remember. Member reactions:
Incredible job here. Congrats on the Gold Splats, a Pro work of art.
Congrats on the win..like the call of duty look..👍
Congrads on the Gold Cup, good guy wins again.
Excellence Splat Out off The Box Memorial Day 2039 Congrats on Gold
I figured the visual was good and hoped the message carried over well. Seems it did. Thanks guys for all the great scores and comments. Many Thanks Reg, Gummy, Ho, and Bob. Good Eye Fugit. Glad you like it, Cos. I wasn't sure it connected.

Funny Remember Them.

Remember Them.
Remember those who gave their lives, for our freedoms

Funny Remember the Fallen

Remember the Fallen

Funny I remember when Kim was ......

I remember when Kim was ......

Funny Remembering George Michael

Remembering George Michael
Member reactions:
Silver Congrats, Mrassad. Happy New Year.
Great overpaint effect. Congrats on the silver. Well deserved and overdue HNY

Funny Remembering Merle Haggard

Remembering Merle Haggard
Merle News
Member reactions:
Thanks Luciano, and Thank You Hits, appreciate your good will.

Funny Remembering George Kennedy

Remembering George Kennedy
RIP George
Member reactions:
This is more appropriate for Leslie Nielsen.

Funny John Lennon Remembered

John Lennon Remembered
Member reactions:
Hurrah for John Lennon. He was great. Hurrah for John Lennon. He was great.

Funny Remembering to John Lennon the Angel

Remembering to John Lennon the Angel
Original black and white John Lennon picture(Source) John Lennon was shot 35 years ago Remember the big star of the Beatles , John Lennon. John Lennon was an English musician who gained worldwide fame as one of the members of the Beatles, for his subsequent solo career, and for his political activism and pacifism. He was shot by Mark David Chapman in the archway of the building where he lived, The Dakota, in New York City on 8 December 1980. Lennon had just returned from Record Plant Studio with his wife, Yoko Ono. After sustaining four fatal gunshot wounds, Lennon was pronounced dead on arrival at Roosevelt Hospital. He was 40 years old. At the hospital, it was stated that nobody could have lived for more than a few minutes after sustaining such injuries. Shortly after local news stations reported Lennon's death, crowds gathered at Roosevelt Hospital and in front of the Dakota. Lennon was cremated on 10 December 1980 at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York; the ashes were given to Ono, who chose not to hold a funeral for him. The first media report of Lennon's death to a US national audience was announced by Howard Cosell, on ABC's Monday Night Football.
Member reactions:
Thank you very much, my dear friend. It feels good and I'm glad you like it.
Nice Tribute to John, Kris. Congrats on the cup.
Congrats on Silver win, Krisz. Nicely done. Like ur new avatar

Funny Remembering The Apollo 11 Astronauts

Remembering The Apollo 11 Astronauts
Apollo 11 Splashdown 45 Years Ago

Funny Remembering Dr John

Remembering Dr John
Malcolm John Rebennack Jr., known around the world as Dr. John, has died at age 77. The celebrated Louisiana singer and piano player who mixed black and white musical influence assumed the persona of Dr. John the Night Tripper in the late 1960s. His singer songwriter career includes six Grammy Awards, an honorary doctorate of fine arts from Tulane University and is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his prolific career in blues, pop, jazz, boogie woogie and rock and roll. Dr John, remained an active creative force until he disappeared from public view 18 months ago, died Thursday of a heart attack after years of declining health.(image credit: Erika Goldring-Getty Images) To pay tributes to Dr John, photoshop him any way you wish. Please Note: Limit 3 Entries Per Player.

Funny Remembering President George Bush

Remembering President George Bush
George H. W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States and the father of the 43rd, died on Friday night at his home in Houston. He was 94. His death, came less than eight months after that of his wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush. Mr. Bush served as president from 1989 to 1993, but was denied a second term after support for his presidency collapsed under the weight of an economic downturn and his seeming inattention to domestic affairs. A decorated Navy pilot who was shot down in the Pacific in 1944, he was the last of the World War II generation to occupy the Oval Office.  To pay tribute to the 41st U.S. President, photoshop him any way you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the history of George H.W. Bush CLICK HERE

Funny Remembering Burt Reynolds

Remembering Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82. The actor went into cardiac arrest at a Florida Hospital, were CPR was performed for a considerable amount of time. His family was by his side. Burt starred in TV shows such as Gunsmoke, Riverboat and Hawk. He rose to fame for his breakout role as macho Lewis Medlock in the backwoods nightmare "Deliverance". He has nearly 200 film and TV credits with multiple successful films including White Lightning, The Longest Yard, the incredibly popular Smokey and the Bandit and Boogie Nights. His movie, "Defining Moments", is set to be released in December 2018. He was also currently filming "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" alongside Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, which is expected to hit theaters in 2019. To pay tribute to Burt Reynolds, photoshop him any way you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the life and career of Burt Reynolds follow this link

Funny Remembering Aretha Franklin

Remembering Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, died last week from advanced pancreatic cancer. She was 76. Aretha was one of the giants of soul music, and indeed of American pop as a whole. More than any other performer, she epitomized soul at its most gospel-charged. One of America’s greatest singers in any style. To pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, photoshop her any way you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the history of Aretha Franklin Visit This Link

Funny Remembering George Michael

Remembering George Michael
Past Sunday, December 25, George Michael suddenly died from a heart failure. The star was 53. To pay tributes to George Michael, photoshop him any way you wish.

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