The Orphan Remastered
The Orphan Remastered
The Orphan Remastered.

Funny Escher Remastered

Escher Remastered
On June 14, artists around the world celebrated the 113th birthday of Maurits Cornelis Escher - one of the most famous and recognizable artists in history. Escher's unique vision of the world combined art, patterns, and mathematics to create some of the physically impossible yet realistically looking illustrations, like "Waterfall" and "Ascending and Descending". Quite like some of his famous predecessors, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Escher was a left handed artist. In addition to many famous drawings, Escher also illustrated books, designed tapestries, and even was hired by the Dutch government to design new Dutch money in the 50s (the banknotes were finally not approved for being too "twisted"). The total count of Escher's works during his lifetime is over 2000. To celebrate M. C. Escher's birthday at Freaking News, photoshop any of his works any way you wish. Some examples are: show what his works would be like if he created them nowadays, merge his works and any other famous works of art, give famous movie posters Escher's style and theme, etc.

Funny Dali Remastered

Dali Remastered
This Wednesday, May 11th, was the 107th birthday of a Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. While his painting skills were influenced by the masters of Renaissance, Dali used a lot of hidden symbolism in his art. For example, in Dali's most famous painting - The Persistence of Memory - the soft watches symbolize Einstein's theory that time is relative and not fixed. To celebrate the birthday of the world's most famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali, show what his art would be like if he created it these days. What modern elements would be included in Dali's paintings? Would he be doing advertisements, distorting celebrities, or maybe or even creating posters for movies?

Funny Da Vinci Remastered

Da Vinci Remastered
On April 15th, artists around the world celebrated the 559th birthday of Lenoardo Da Vinci. Leonardo was not only an artist but also a great scientist, inventor and mathematician of his times. Some scientists say that Da Vinci was "Einstein of Renaissance". To celebrate the 559th birthday of Leonadro Da Vinci, photoshop his works any way you wish. Some examples are: modernize his paintings by including modern objects, sceneries, or people; merge his paintings with movie posters ; merge parts of Da Vinci's paintings with other famous paintings; commercialize his works by turning them into advertisements for modern products; turn them into billboards, etc. These are just some ideas. You are welcome to use Da Vinci's frescos and numerous sketches (e.g. Vitruvian man) in addition to paintings.

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