Barack Obama the Religion for Today
Barack Obama the Religion for Today
Barack Obama the Religion for Today. Religion
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Nice work seen here, very funny to see Obama in a new Avatar, True religion is only Humanity, lets concentrate on this and lead the world to the path of peace and prosperity

Funny Invisible Religion

Invisible Religion
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As you can see from the sky, the light is coming from behind the church and not in front as is depicted on the invisible man. Take out the light in the sky so your great invisible man source will fit in better. And, if he's being lit, you should light up the church as well.
The sun is in the distance. An off camera street lamp is above and to his right and the Presidential limo is just off camera and foreward to his left with the headlights on. See, imagination and looking deeper takes care of everything. Thanks for the comment, pcrdds, and keeping it technical rather than opinion. This is one example where I believe suggested light enhances the pieceand reminds the viewer there is more stuff going on off camera. It works but also asks you to add the missing parts with your own imagination. Once again, it is a chop that crosses the "fine art" line. I know the rules and tend to break them where I can just to remind myself It's my universe, my rules, my sandbox.
It looks like a cool illustration for a sci-fi book
Congrats HS on your Bronze Gong, well done mate. Wiz
Turn out the lights the party over, congards man
congrats wise man, the game of different light sources u did is a pro one, love it
Many Thanks again. Some stuff works, some doesn't, huh.
Love the piece. Love your rebuttal. I actually thought I was having a stroke and starting to strobe out a bit with all the different light sources. HA HA. Who knew you needed tutoring..
ha, well, we all make mistakes and if I make a dummy I'm glad there are guys like pcrdds to call it like he sees it without personal opinion or preference. He happend to chime in on a very important topic as well. We all struggle with the delicate neuances and balance, working with light sources. But it isn't as elusive and fabian as it seems, to master. And part of that lesson is realizing that you have the power to bend the rules more than you think. There is a whole lecture on lighting elements with reflective color. This one skirts that technique in that it is sort of like the super-chromatic style where the colors are the light source. But not quite. Cheers, happy new year
I like this job, regardless of the light, but I did not understand the message
Did you read the news story. Obama wants you to think he goes to church more than he does. I'm just being a bit cynical, like he's invisible and no one notices or he only goes to obscure, out of the way, churches only found in the far reaches of Lapland or something Michelle Obama is reflected in the glasses, inplying the invisible church-goer is Obama.
OK, thanks for the explanation.. I had not seen the link to news

Funny The Tomb of Religions Extinction

The Tomb of Religions Extinction
It"s time to take a Darwinian Cold Bath...The waters freezing,but so refreshing. Pakistan bans face book and youtube for "Draw muhammad day"
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Athiest pushing their beliefs are no better than the christians pushing theirs.
It's all Voodoo-bury them all. High marks.

Funny Religion of Hallucination

Religion of Hallucination
Please critique this entry. source1 - spent an insane amount of time on bringing up the quality... source2 Can't link to the smoker dude due to hotlinking. (photo by Antony Yong)
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i hate those kinda pics... they make me confused... good job though
Nice. Glass-fitering the leaf doesn't seem to add much. Maybe if it, too, were stone...(or stoned.).
Oh Danny boy, The pipe the pipe is calling you...
the only thing i would critique is the man, he seems to stand out a little bit, maybe he's too smooth for his surroundings. his lighting is a little wierd, needs to be softer, and less like a highlighter. but i think you did a very good job

Funny Corporate Religion

Corporate Religion
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I love it. Great concept, well done

Funny Big Book of Religion by Barney

Big Book of Religion by Barney

Funny Football America's True Religion

Football America's True Religion
National Football League: Superbowl
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Not my religion-I hate football. But, each to his/her own likes & dislikes.
Is that the field goal that Scott Norwood missed a few years back. Poor guy has to live with that forever.
yeah...couldn't find a game photo with the giants and pats, so i grabbed one with just the giants that folks might recognize.

Funny Dali's Key to Religion

Dali's Key to Religion

Funny Religion vs Technology

Religion vs Technology

Funny Celebrity Religions

Celebrity Religions
Show us images of how Tom Cruise and other celebrities(not politicians) might practice their religion.

Funny Religion Technology

Religion Technology
What secret high-tech devices have the various religions of the world developed? Create images of high-tech items using religious artifacts or imagery.

Funny Religion Technology

Religion Technology
What type of impact will technology make on religion. Use your imagination to create images incorporating technology into things related to the places people worship and the things involved in their religions.

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