Snowman Relaxing in Boat on Pool
Snowman Relaxing in Boat on Pool
Snowman Relaxing in Boat on Pool. I'm Chillin'.

Funny relax


Funny Relaxing Indy

Relaxing Indy
. Member reactions:
I think if you drop the saturation of the hookah a bit it will blend in a little better with Indy. It could use a few shadows as well. Good job.
Thanks for the tip. now it looks really better.
does not look right to me the tubing comes over his hand and you can barly see that he is holding the end in his mouth...
Great idea.. but it does not have that "" factor. Very well done - and should get more kudos than it likely will. Good on ya.
Love it. This looks probably the most photo realistic entry in the contest. Job well done.

Funny relax!

All comment welcome.. Member reactions:
this entry really gives you holiday feelings and relaxation. very nice.critique: the front part of the shoe doesn't seem to be complete. the camera somehow enlargened and relocated the group of people.only my opinion: if you blurred the hands in order to create depth, the shoes should get some blur as well (and the people on the display).but main thing: great concept. all the other things can be fixed easily.
wonderful. i used to like it now i love it.

Funny Relaxing

Relaxing (Full is better)

Funny Relaxing

Jane takes some time out for a little reading.. Member reactions:
it's a decent chop but... it's a little on the boring side
Face lifts don't change her leopard spots.

Funny relax

Some time off work.. Member reactions:
Just a suggestion: did you try adding a motion blur to the golf ball.
I think this should be in AT LEAST the top 3. Good job
whats going on with the left leg.... -->I think that is the way golfers stand.

Funny Relaxing

While on hold John relaxes during a hard day of campaigning.. Member reactions:
I had a really good GWB one also for this contest but I wanted to stay on the contest theme... funny chop though

Funny Pope Francis relaxing

Pope Francis relaxing

Funny Relaxing at Home

Relaxing at Home
I drew and painted this picture by using an old fan picture of Carole Lombard as my reference.. Member reactions:
Nice drawing.... good art work your work on Eyes were perfect ...
Thank you 'and what' and 'rajeshstar'. It's always nice to get a compliment.

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