Barack Obama Relaxing with a Bong
Barack Obama Relaxing with a Bong
Barack Obama Relaxing with a Bong. Member reactions:
And it wouldn't raise an eyebrow if it was real.. Great Work..
the picture the nsa so desperately tried to cover up.

Funny Mona Lisa Relaxing

Mona Lisa Relaxing
GIOCONDA RELAXED_ relache * A well deserved break... after 500 years . Nothing is more pleasant than feel free .
Member reactions:
That chair is a masterpiece. Everything else is just detail.
Great concept, and excellent execution. She does to take a break after 500 years of posing.
Congrats on the bronze, lucido. Welcome back.
Bronze Congrats Lucido, great imagination showing Mona in a mood

Funny Olympian Relaxing at the Hot Tub

Olympian Relaxing at the Hot Tub
Member reactions:
Olympics over buddy, why do you need more practice over that hot chick and hot tub

Funny Sumo Wrestlers Relaxing

Sumo Wrestlers Relaxing
Sumo Wrestlers are well taken care of by their could say they are pampered...

Funny Jessica Alba Relaxing in the Pool

Jessica Alba Relaxing in the Pool
View small please.
Member reactions:
the shades.
This is adorable. Uh...guys...those are swimming goggles.
Thanks everyone. BOULPIX I had to look it up. Thanks

Funny Relaxing Breakfast Cereal

Relaxing Breakfast Cereal
This was originally begun for the "Panic" theme but I decided to work on it a bit longer.
Member reactions:
Me Worries. Would make a great poster for those who feel their life is too easy.

Funny Gaddafi Relaxing in The Libyan Swamp

Gaddafi Relaxing in The Libyan Swamp
Free Libya's cry ( we need Help, and we Need it Now ) source
Member reactions:
I agree with Disasterman111. Both subject countries need Help, now.
Excellent play with lighting and shadows.
Nice. Sources are very well integrated. Very clever chop too
cool work ....^^ great playing with lighting and shadows
Pity I missed this vote. Kudos Salis well deserved win
This rocks on too many levels. It's topical and hysterical. The road post sign is and excellent addition here
congrats sails , that's freaky awesome work .. i really love it i love the blend over here .. it's our first time ever we meet in contest together .. was cool to be with you . keep going
Gold Congrats S.
Busy Kellie: thanx alot and thank you folks for your votes and Comments.
Great shading and light fx, congrats Salis
ooops , Double comment, so I'll sing you a song instead: lallala lallalal laaaaa ..
Congrats on the gold, country is burning and the president is tanning typical to politicians. But is a freaking good chop, like it
. missed out on the voting. definit 10 this is . excellent chop .

Funny Polar Bear Relaxing in Alaska

Polar Bear Relaxing in Alaska
Member reactions:
Just like many other chops in this contest this one has Sarah Palin in it. Hint: It's not just from beer the bears get the bear belly. Awesome work
Funkster, It doesn't get any better then this.
Must be an immigrant Polar Bear from Canada. He looks too relaxed. Congratulations.
Congrats on the bronze funkwood. I thought it had a familiar look to it.
Sweet work as always, Congrats on bronze FW.
Congrats Funk... Great Alaska Commercial... I would Definitely go to a place where Bears are Drunks and Tanned
funkwood my favorite.. i love the style,, the funny wit. congratssss
was awesome work ... great details and funny idea with skilled blend too .. congrats on the bronze and keep going for sure
fantastic work. congrats excellent theme and work.

Funny Man Relaxing on a Couch

Man Relaxing on a Couch

Funny Bill Murray Relaxing in Caddyshack

Bill Murray Relaxing in Caddyshack
Member reactions:
Totally love the chop and reference to Groundhog Day movie. I just wish Bill was more recognizable
Thanks Jere, Kellie and Newsy. its from "Caddyshack" 1980.
Looks like a Pro did this one-high marks.
I'd remove the dark part over his upper lip - which resembles mustache now. Other than that - a phenomenal chop.
Xaos54 great chop ,, lots of competition in this contest.. this is great toooo...
thx Preemiememe and Iboudesign. Disasterman, thanks for stopping in mate.
i am agree with dasterman . great work mate , this was my favor here keep going
Sweet edit. Wish this entry would get a trophy. Tough competition in this contest.

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