The first space flight with refueling was rejected
The first space flight with refueling was rejected
The first space flight with refueling was rejected. The first space flight with refueling from Leonardo Da Vinci was rejected by Pope Leo X
Member reactions:
Fuel is not discovered by then .. might be
Da Vinci was amazing coming up with many ideas that just need history to catch up. Congrats Wanderer.
Yup, da Vinci was advanced. Congrats on the wood.

Funny Mr Spock Rejects Illusion

Mr Spock Rejects Illusion
See Large Please Sources
Member reactions:
Great outcome using the sources... The Star Wars characters, tin women and the bee eye is well developed. good illustration
Superb Nice to see bear coming from the side
. Great, Clean, and Sharp Picture, Sort-of reminded me of my own stuff. Then I took a look at a few of the composition elements and the concept, and it began to remind me of one of the former greats here at Freaking News...who's name escapes me right a this moment. Fried his motherboard or something. Well that's neither here nor there. My point is this is a great picture good luck.
Thank you very much Nanny, SplatShot, balodiya and rajeshstar. SplatShot yep, not many choppers build a spaceship out of a man-o-war and an iron. The transgender tin man is about as close to the edge as I want to step . Takes a certain kind of warpage.
Congrats Hit and Splat should feel flattered. after all they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Congrats Hits. transgender tin man is my favorite part.
Congratulations Hit-man. Just joking round with you a little, hope you get you PC problems fixed real soon. Great picture.
Thanks everyone. I did manage to get my CD/DVD drive to work on a slot but the external hard drive remains dead in spite of slapping it or waving a chicken foot over it.

Funny The Fairy Anne Geddes Rejected

The Fairy Anne Geddes Rejected
Member reactions:
Nice work but, how does 'Geddes' apply. (reference to a person.)
Anne Geddes does photographs of babies as fairies and flowers etc in New Zealand. Her babies are cute but the poor flower seller was rejected cos he was not
Good background, and wings are beautiful.
Some excellent work, but the pants, especially at the waist, spoil it for me.
is that trousers.. But good work with the Wings, its a creepy work like it;
nice shadowing , what a beautiful flower…
Thanks guys, the pants were a difficult thing, I loved the flower but it was at such a difficult angle that using the legs of anyone sitting on a chair or the ground just didn't work - too square - these are the legs of a ballet dancer leaping in the air and leant themselves to wrapping around the flower but still not ideal - maybe I need to learn to draw legs - .
I still think this is hilarious and a great execution. The only thing I'd say in regards to the legs, because I personally think they look great, is that the shadow cast seems too large, or maybe tone down the opacity a bit. But i still love it and congrats.
Congratulations. Your concept makes perfect sense-nice depiction.

Funny Rejected Carrot Top

Rejected Carrot Top
Redhead donors no longer wanted at sperm bank
Member reactions:
...but Ranga's Rule. Funny well done wk.
Redhead Deposits will no longer be accepted - . I see Obama just made a deposit though, . and I like how you made one donor with a sign "I've got great DNA"
If there was a chance you were to get Yahoo Serious' kid, it may be a good thing they are doing that. A very humorous image.
Congratulations. Another trip down Inane Lane with the Mad Doctor.

Funny Rejected Politician Bobble Head Prototypes

Rejected Politician Bobble Head Prototypes
Member reactions:
Thanks, Evirio. Appreciate it very much.
Mahmoud , nice job
This is hysterical. I can't stop laughing at these hoodies.
Extremely well made & so friggin funnay Thx
awesome work pcrdds .. congrats on the golden cup .. keep going
Thanks, Mr. K. Thanks, Ivan. Thanks, PJ.

Funny Disney Rejected Crab

Disney Rejected Crab
Why Disney chose a mouse: a cute mouse is more appealing than a crusty crab.

Funny Hollywood Rejects on 100 Dollar Bill

Hollywood Rejects on 100 Dollar Bill
Member reactions:
... the humor created for him by seeing himself inside the $100 bill.... very crazy look given... good it was rejected

Funny Rejected 100 Dollar Bill Design

Rejected 100 Dollar Bill Design
Member reactions:
What he said..... . want to know and why rejected

Funny Toys for Tots Bible Verse Jesus Dolls Rejected

Toys for Tots Bible Verse Jesus Dolls Rejected
Toys For Tots, a charitable organization run by the Marine Corps Reserve that donates toys to needy children for Christmas, rejected an offer of 4,000 talking, Bible-verse-spouting Jesus dolls out of respect to the unknown religious beliefs of their young recipients (Nov. 14th). But not to fear, all ye pushy believers: Later, the big, gruff, burly Marines relented and welcomed the noisy little Jesuses into their fold (Nov. 15th). Semper Fi. (By the way, did anyone check to see if He's anatomically correct.)
Member reactions:
They're taking everything out of Christmas. A few years ago they started calling it a "Holiday Party" at work. Soon you'll be sending your kid to sit on that "fat guy with a beard and red suit lap".

Funny Rejected iPhone 6 Designs

Rejected iPhone 6 Designs
Apple announced their two new super-sized iPhones - the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Sized at 4.7 and 5.5 inches they actually feel more like a mini iPad rather than a bigger iPhone. The apps had to be completely rewritten for the larger screens - e.g. The Messages, Stocks, and Mail apps now have a two panel horizontal view. Despite these adjustments, the super-sized iPhone 6 are not as easy to use as their predecessors - typing sms messages with just one hand and your thumb is going to be a problem - as the keyboard is wider and the left letters are hard to reach. Samsung Galaxy smartphones were criticized for their Godzilla sizes and heavy weight, but the new iPhone 6 Plus is even bigger. The release date is September 19. Size is definitely going to be a widely discussed issue for the iPhone 6. Let us show the iPhone 6 designs that would be rejected as inconvenient - make them too wide or too long, shape them into a square, triangle, circle, or any other forms. You can also show how apps could be located/designed in those inconveniently shaped iPhones.

Funny New 100 Dollar Bill, rejected designs

New 100 Dollar Bill, rejected designs
While the government shutdown goes on, a new 100 dollar bill was released into circulation this Tuesday. The US Treasury, like most of the government, could not be reached for comment. The new Benjamins are almost twice as expensive to print as their predecessors, but have many new anti-counterfeit features, including the hidden text and pictograms that can be seen only under special light. The last re-design of $100 bill happened in 1996. $100 US bills are especially popular abroad - foreign treasuries and tourists hold close to a trillion dollars in $100 bills. Do you think it's a good time to start printing new money? Photoshop any designs of the new $100 bill, that were rejected for one reason or another.

Funny Rejected iPhone 5 Designs

Rejected iPhone 5 Designs
With the introduction of iPhone 5, Apple again raised the smartphone bar. Although it sports a new design to accommodate a wider and longer screen, the iPhone 5 is not a radical departure from Apple's successful formula. The device still transports its users into Apple's world of digital media and 700,000 mobile apps. The phone's screen was expanded to make it more comfortable to hold in your hand and operate with your thumb. The device is encased in glass and aluminum and, like previous models, comes in two colors, black and white, with a silver back. Show possible rejected designs of iPhone 5 that didn't make it to the market for any reasons.

Funny Rejected Inventions

Rejected Inventions
Today is Inventor's Day in Europe, proclaimed by Berlin inventor and entrepreneur Gerhard Muthenthaler. The day intends to pursue the following goals: * Encourage people towards their own ideas and for a change to the better * Remind people of forgotten inventions and inventors. To celebrate Inventor's Day at Freaking News and "recall" some of the forgotten inventions, photoshop some inventions that were rejected. Examples: solar-powered flashlight, waterproof towel, etc. Think of some old inventions, as well as some modern ones - e.g. modify some devices to "rejected inventions".

Funny Rejected iPhone Designs

Rejected iPhone Designs
This Friday AT&T starts selling the long awaited iPhone. Apple Inc. signed AT&T as the exclusive carrier for iPhone. While the revolutionary phone combines an iPod, a digital camera, and a cell-phone, this technology comes at a price of up to $600 for the device plus the two year AT&T contract with $60 - $100 monthly subscription fees. Apple's iPhone - what's in the name? Show how an iPhone could look if it was designed by merging cell phone parts with fruits (or vegetables) as the company's name suggests - a mobile phone combined with an apple, or other rejected designs that obviously did not make it to the market. If you can, try to take it one step further and give your iPhone fruits and vegetables plastic or metal texture.

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