Hillar Clinton Wearing Reindeer Antlers
Hillar Clinton Wearing Reindeer Antlers
Hillar Clinton Wearing Reindeer Antlers. Member reactions:
She's 67 and looks 76 and hasn't driven a car since 1997 :0)
And is she holding a bag of frozen burritos for all those future Dem. voters.
Cute reindeer antlers head piece. I have one for my dog but she refuses to wear it. She says I have bad taste and dogs don't wear reindeer head-pieces. Of course, my dog has questionable taste anyhow.
There's our girl now. Maybe even too kind.
Do you intend Christmas ....or Halloween .
Luciano "What difference does it make"

Funny Reindeer Soldier

Reindeer Soldier
The North Pole is in the Arctic right.
Member reactions:
hahah, this one makes me laugh every time.

Funny `Reindeer Express!`

`Reindeer Express!`
Reindeer EXpress Please. Donate What You Can. Merry. Christmas.
Member reactions:
Full view is especially nice showing all the details photoshopped. The helmet, roller skates and jet engine is a great trio here.
Remind me not to let you work on my car. (Eyes. Roll.) - It's a V-8 Chevy.
This reindeer rocks. Bronze congrats, news1st.

Funny Pommel-Reindeer for Gymnasts

Pommel-Reindeer for Gymnasts
Around Christmas the Pommel Horse is being replaced by the Pommel Reindeer. That's the spirit of the Holidays.

Funny Santa Claus Reindeer Meet

Santa Claus Reindeer Meet
All Animals Slaughtered Under Elf Supervision
Member reactions:
Ahhh I can totally see this in my supermarket Good job

Funny Canada's Reindeer The Moose

Canada's Reindeer The Moose
We really don't have reindeer in Canada and our other deer would not be strong enough to pull a fat man in a sleigh loaded with presents but I do think a moose could do the job. mixed media.
Member reactions:
You are right, I blended the colours but I overdid itl

Funny The Girl with the Reindeer Tattoo

The Girl with the Reindeer Tattoo
Member reactions:
Quality work, but the image is rather small. I gotta watch this movie too.

Funny Alfred Hitchcock's The Reindeer

Alfred Hitchcock's The Reindeer

Funny The Reindeer Hunter

The Reindeer Hunter

Funny Bambi the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Bambi the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Funny Reindeer

Photoshop this reindeer image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: making this reindeer perform some stunts, putting people or animals on it, showing creative ways to use this reindeer in advertisements, art, putting the reindeer into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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