Hillar Clinton Wearing Reindeer Antlers
Hillar Clinton Wearing Reindeer Antlers
Hillar Clinton Wearing Reindeer Antlers. Member reactions:
She's 67 and looks 76 and hasn't driven a car since 1997 :0)
And is she holding a bag of frozen burritos for all those future Dem. voters.
Cute reindeer antlers head piece. I have one for my dog but she refuses to wear it. She says I have bad taste and dogs don't wear reindeer head-pieces. Of course, my dog has questionable taste anyhow.
There's our girl now. Maybe even too kind.
Do you intend Christmas ....or Halloween .
Luciano "What difference does it make"

Funny Reindeer Soldier

Reindeer Soldier
The North Pole is in the Arctic right.
Member reactions:
hahah, this one makes me laugh every time.

Funny Woman with a Reindeer

Woman with a Reindeer
Member reactions:
my favorite, mi favorita, bello, hermoso, nice job
Congatz on the silver Laff.. so beautful image..
A beauty of a chop darling. Nice to see you around again. It's been a while. Well deserved silver. Breathtaking reflection effects.
Silver congratulations, Laff. Nice to see you in top 3 again
Thankyou all so much. Enjoyed doing this - and suprised it earned a silver. KB - bless you hon - unfortunately, ancient parents curtailing my chopping. Great to see you doing so well too. Am always amazed at the talent here. Kudos to everyone.
Beautiful work, nice choice of sources . Congrats on the silver.

Funny Reindeer Christmas Astronaut

Reindeer Christmas Astronaut
Member reactions:
Made a Helmet for You
This is freaking excellent. helmet from news1st.
Killed it with the antler helmet. Congrats.

Funny Reindeer in the Headlights

Reindeer in the Headlights

Funny Reindeer Fifteen Puzzle

Reindeer Fifteen Puzzle

Funny Santa and Reindeers Flying Economy Class

Santa and Reindeers Flying Economy Class
Member reactions:
Cool concept but the deers and Santa may use some shadows

Funny Reindeer in a Wild Fire

Reindeer in a Wild Fire

Funny Reindeer in a Dressage Competition

Reindeer in a Dressage Competition
Member reactions:
Clever composition. The reindeer might use slight shadows, like the horse

Funny Reindeer in Winter by a Lake

Reindeer in Winter by a Lake

Funny Reindeer

Photoshop this reindeer image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: making this reindeer perform some stunts, putting people or animals on it, showing creative ways to use this reindeer in advertisements, art, putting the reindeer into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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