Rehab Centers
Rehab Centers
Rehab Centers. Member reactions:
Col chop. Only nit-pick is that jagged white chin line on Bernie.

Funny Harvey Weinstein Rehab

Harvey Weinstein Rehab
Rehab center puts ugly faces on pin up girls and others, so every female the sicko see looks like them, seeing Hillary and Waters face on all females should change his nasty ways, but maybe not.

Funny Wilderness Rehab

Wilderness Rehab
Member reactions:
I had been holding this one in my stash pile for quite sometime now. I finally decided to post it, but have never liked it. I just didn't think it was very good. Judging by the score, it is comforting to know that most of you agree with me. ... thanks for looking guys.

Funny Liza Minnelli Checks Out Of Rehab with Her Bottles

Liza Minnelli Checks Out Of Rehab with Her Bottles
Liza Minnelli checks out of rehab Liza Minnelli is the daughter of Judy Garland, star of the "Wizard Of Oz."
Member reactions:
Thanks, raj, luciano and Newsy. "Come to the cabaret," Newsy.
Yeah, shame. It is sad that people that enrich our lives so much often live in he11. Great job.

Funny Robin Williams Checks Into Rehab

Robin Williams Checks Into Rehab
Robin Williams checks into rehab.
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant chop. IMO details are important so the two bottles on the right, empty or filled, should lean orizontally il low water unless they lean on a higher rock wich is not.
He's been there so many times, the news will soon be just when he checks out of rehab for a while. You made him look so comfortable there too
HAT-TRICK. He's done it again Folks. Triple-Congratulations.

Funny Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Goes To Rehab

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Goes To Rehab
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits he needs rehab
Member reactions:
These two belong in one place for sure - either rehab or mad house. Great stuff.
Congrats on the bronze too, Paul. As a bonus you get visitation rights to Rob Ford and Charlie Sheen while they are in the rehab
Thanks, luciano and Newsy. I'll take a pass on that, Newsy...but I'll tell them you'll be there.
Bronze congrats. Yeah, if anyone needs rehab.... Great chop

Funny Amy Winehouse in Pot Rehab

Amy Winehouse in Pot Rehab
Music 2 Vote by

Funny Amy Winehouse No Rehab

Amy Winehouse No Rehab
Member reactions:
Great job, friend, congrats on silver

Funny Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab
Member reactions:
Poor bloke, he does ask for it...naughty boy.
He's been using drugs for years now , in & out of jail . I hope one day he will learn to face his enemies inside of himself ....
Head is a tad small for the body. Good work otherwise.
Yes , after i kept looking at it , you are so right .
Quality work, but perhaps the filter job here is too strong

Funny Ted Williams Checking in Rehab with Lindsay Lohan

Ted Williams Checking in Rehab with Lindsay Lohan
The Golden Voice ( Ted Williams) checking into rehab Source Please Preview Large
Member reactions:
Looks like sunshine & lipops for Ted but, Rain for Lindsey. Perfect chop.
She got by on her golden globes for years
Oh boy, a beauty for sure. and good luck to Ted.
The hair on Ted looks so good, Very nice chop and Congrats on gold.

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