Darth Vader with a RedFlag
Darth Vader with a RedFlag
Darth Vader with a RedFlag. Member reactions:
you should incorporate more of the origianl photo in this. maybe put the headphones on vader or put him in jeans. Right now it is kind of "so what"
Flag is still cool though. Good composition. Communist empire.
Thet there ain't Vader; (he died in episode six) ... this is Darth Flagger...wearing Vader's old getup. p.s.: jeans and/or headphones won't work because of camera angle, and thet just wouldn't look raight ...
Ah, well ... tenth is better than ninteenth; hey, wait a minnit. Got that too ... This one was fast and 'easy', compared to the other.....and also my first StarWars themed and first movie poster -- in about twenty minutes flat.

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