Navy Recruiting Poster
Navy Recruiting Poster
Navy Recruiting Poster. Member reactions:
Congrats, GarRobMil. Great poster done indeed.

Funny Returning Jihadists Recruiting Locals to Fight

Returning Jihadists Recruiting Locals to Fight
Jihadists return to home village Lunel to recruit locals

Funny Hillary Clinton Recruiting Volunteer

Hillary Clinton Recruiting Volunteer
Member reactions:
Very clean merge, Freaky tagline 'A Lifetime Education- FREE......IF YOU CAN QUALIFY'

Funny Secret Service Recruiting Poster

Secret Service Recruiting Poster
Secret Service Agents In Scandal

Funny Jedi Padawan Recruiting

Jedi Padawan Recruiting
Qui Gon helping out across the universe.
Member reactions:
. The Star Wars folks in the background is a great touch too
Great detail.....I luv it....I'm a Star Wars fan
AWESOME, perfect work,clean and cleaver, Good luck
this is really a perfect idea to chop like this like the way the characters chosen and blended behind... And great job to play with a ball using the Laser Technology, very well done with the lighting effects like a laser.. really like this
Congrats Jerry. Let the force be with you.
Congrats on the Bronze Jerry ....

Funny US Military Gay Recruits

US Military Gay Recruits
US military accepting gay recruits
Member reactions:
hahahaha,, watch your back now guys..from both sides..
Nice one, and the nails. The need to send Perez Hilton to army.

Funny Not-Recruiting Poster

Not-Recruiting Poster
75 % Of Americans Unfit To Serve In Military

Funny Hun Recruiting Poster

Hun Recruiting Poster
Member reactions:
Should have scored higher, fair poster work

Funny Ivy-Covered Halls for Defense Recruits

Ivy-Covered Halls for Defense Recruits

Funny Gilbert's Army Recruiting Poster

Gilbert's Army Recruiting Poster
Johny boy see's no harm is calling things like he see's them.
Member reactions:
Hee ha, John doesn't even know that "sees" isn't a conjunction...........

Funny Recruiting Posters from John Kerry

Recruiting Posters from John Kerry
Two days ago Sen. John Kerry stirred a controversy when he told a group of California students: "study hard, do your homework, or you'll get 'stuck in Iraq.'" The comments were received by many Americans as "US troops in Iraq consist of uneducated people." Troops didn't like it, Republican's didn't like it, and Democrats didn't like it. Kerry, feeling the pressure, issued an apology for his remarks, saying they were just a "botched joke." Kerry did not mean to insult the troops, he was just referring to the new school grade system where grades (from highest to lowest) will be: "A," "B," "C," "D," "F," and "STUCK IN IRAQ." Thus his statement: If you fail your school and homework you'll get "STUCK IN IRAQ." Another new school grade Kerry suggests (highest grade) is "MARRIED TO A BILLIONAIRE." So, if your kid studies hard and does his homework, he may get "B," "A," or "MARRIED TO A BILLIONAIRE." As pennance for his statments, Kerry decides to show his flip-flop team spirit. Show Kerry in recruiting posters for the military, activily recruiting 'geeks' for service, or military advertisments aimed at the brilliant. Your entry must include John Kerry (in picture or words).

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