Russian Recession
Russian Recession
Russian Recession. Christmas Story came to Russia in November. Russian bomond are around their genius strategist.
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for the Picture... and the Link is approproate to the story. It tells sbout Russian Recessionan, oil and natural gas prices please fix it
Link is correct. Oil price is down and Russia is in the trouble. Pu and his friends are glued to oil tube.
Such a nice group photo. The Oil pipe in the center with frozen tongues is awesome.

Funny American Gothic Painting Recession

American Gothic Painting Recession
I have come to hate this image.. but with those old buggers gone - it's not so bad.
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here here. I can't stand this source myself. so overused.
nice twist on an old painting. I agree, overused, but in this case, perfect.
Probably the most creative concept I ever saw with this source. Simple but genius idea
Yeh that Newsy, best interpretation of this I've seen.
by far the best use of the source I've ever seen. Hate the source but love the chop.
Thanks guys... I promise never to use the source again. Except if blowing it up.

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