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Real & Fake.

Funny Real Royal

Real Royal

Funny The Real Story

The Real Story
Did Cruise jump or did Trump order it. It has to be Trumps fault.
Member reactions:
Looks like Cruise jumped not alone. Pence is already flying behind of window too.
... he jumped and everyone is worried expect Trump


Member reactions:
who are they

Funny Real Rio Zika

Real Rio Zika

Funny Real Man in Halo Reach Game

Real Man in Halo Reach Game
I play Halo Reach team slayer live online. Sword Base is one of my favorite battle maps, thought I would go there. My gammer tag is MoppinUpBlood. Here Im sporting the SMG machine gun and a Covenant Energy Sword, my favorite weapon. If you want that shotgun leaning against the wall, you'll have to go thru me. (:
Member reactions:
Two cups.... X 2 congrats. This is impressive work.
Thanks folks, thanks spinner. It's my Facebook profile pic, for now.

Funny The Real Tweety Bird and Sylvester

The Real Tweety Bird and Sylvester
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant. Thanks for the WIP too.
Great work love the colors and textures.
Great job done... like the funny concept here the Chick is playing with the kitten on the dinner table good show of humor in this pic
Nice WIP. Great, artful chop. Not sure about the alligator skin feet but it is a cool effect
LunaC you Is GOOD.. .... Congratulationsss ...
Congrats LC. Never doubted this one. If you had not provided the WIP I would have guessed most of it was illustrated. Top plate work, mate.
Congrats LunaC. Nice work as always. Great to see you're still here.

Funny the real Time Lord

the real Time Lord
Member reactions:
My son calls himself the TIME LORD. No mattter where he goes, he is late.
Decent work, but hair masking could use some adjustment - the drawing board is still partially visible around his hair

Funny Star Wars in Real Life

Star Wars in Real Life

Funny Real 3D Yosemite Sam

Real 3D Yosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam--Created from scratch. Click link below for layer build... WIP
Member reactions:
I love it. Here you go, a golden gift. Add these to your ammo box. Vital for replacing lost hair in the masking process. Pretty nice job. One of my favorite cartoon whackies Nice wip, wish I knew how to make one. I can make a regular movie....but that is not the same. Cheers
Very interesting to watch layer build. Good work.
Excellent execution. One thing.....hat texture looks strange to me.
Freaking brilliant. Thanks for posting the WIP too.
Congrats LunaC. Great addition to the collection.
I was pretty sure this was top dog but one never knows. Congrats on the gold.
Congratulations LunaC, On Another Fantastic Cartoon Character Chop.

Funny Star Wars in Real Life

Star Wars in Real Life
The new installment of the Star Wars saga "The Force Awakens" will hit the theaters December 18, but ticket presales started yesterday. Jedi fans all over the world crashed major ticketing sites, rushing to buy tickets. Let's be honest - the Force Awakens trailer, released less than 24 hours ago - is quite promising. To prepare for the movie premiere, let's put Star Wars characters in real life. E.g. give them new jobs, make them promote products and services, etc. Many thanks to AZRainman for the themepost.

Funny Harry Potter in Real Life

Harry Potter in Real Life
Photoshop what real life magic and mischief the Harry Potter actors get up to off-set.

Funny The Simpsons in Real Life

The Simpsons in Real Life
Show what The Simpsons cartoon characters will do in real life, if they quit the cartoon show.

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