Are You Three Real Bunnies?
Are You Three Real Bunnies?
Are You Three Real Bunnies?. No, their Cats, Happy Easter To All Freaking News Family.
Member reactions:
Super cute factor, Hobbit. Great job, congrats on the Bronze.
Thanks to each of you, this was my Easter Card to my Daughters, it's their Cats in the pic.

Funny The Real Baltimore Orioles

The Real Baltimore Orioles
Member reactions:
Great Work, Hobbit. One of the contest best.
Agree great work one of the best Hobbit. Just noticed my earlier comment didn't take.

Funny The Real Freak Show

The Real Freak Show
They really are "Nature's Freaks'.
Member reactions:
Nice job Hobbit love the sombre tones. Congrats
Phenomenal work with superb treatment.. Congrats Hobbit on the Bronze and the priceless lampooning..
Really great composition hobbit. Thought it was someone else........... wrong.
Freaky Indeed. Congrats on the Win, Hobbit.

Funny The Real American Gothic

The Real American Gothic
Hope Everyone Has A Beautiful Thanksgiving. This Turkey doesn't like Female Turkeys.
Member reactions:
The 'woman' is not a turkey, she is a white-headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis)
I know, that's why I chose her, if turkey's ruled, he can have who he wants.
Aww they make a cute couple. Brilliant colors.

Funny Caravaggio's Real Medusa M. Waters

Caravaggio's Real Medusa M. Waters
The Real Medusa
Member reactions:
An improvement over her James Brown wig. Pro chopping.
Awesome Medusa, Hobbit. Congrats on the Silver.
Popular theme this time and you did a fine job. Congrats on the win

Funny The Real Two Faced Omarosa

The Real Two Faced Omarosa
Member reactions:
I hope the book makes a lot of money, She's gonna need it to pay the law suite.
Great political satire, and perfect title.
Thanks ReggieRey. And thanks hobbit90. Omarosa isn't too popular these days, but that's what she deserves.

Funny The Real Symmetrical Cone Heads

The Real Symmetrical Cone Heads
Member reactions:
Pretty Cool. The Black Widow is a Nice Touch.
Congrats, Hobbit. Picture is very good and contrast to others,mine are gray routin.
Thanks all, these people are something else.
Super Work, Congrats on the Silver Hobbit.

Funny Real Eye Swap

Real Eye Swap
Corrupt Eye Swap
Member reactions:
Great job, but what animal has dollar signs in their eyes (ha).

Funny The Real Cristiano

The Real Cristiano

Funny Real & Fake

Real & Fake

Funny Real Ninja Turtles

Real Ninja Turtles
Sea turtles have evolved to use their flippers as hands, grasping jellyfish and even karate-chopping their prey. Researchers identified at least eight different kinds of flipper manipulation, when previously it was thought that the brains of the reptiles were too small to handle the dexterity required for manipulating objects with their limbs. Show sea turtles using their evolved flipper/hands to give a karate chop, grasp an object, or to eat, drink, etc. Remember to keep your entries Safe For Work and Realistic. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Star Wars in Real Life

Star Wars in Real Life
The new installment of the Star Wars saga "The Force Awakens" will hit the theaters December 18, but ticket presales started yesterday. Jedi fans all over the world crashed major ticketing sites, rushing to buy tickets. Let's be honest - the Force Awakens trailer, released less than 24 hours ago - is quite promising. To prepare for the movie premiere, let's put Star Wars characters in real life. E.g. give them new jobs, make them promote products and services, etc. Many thanks to AZRainman for the themepost.

Funny Harry Potter in Real Life

Harry Potter in Real Life
Photoshop what real life magic and mischief the Harry Potter actors get up to off-set.

Funny The Simpsons in Real Life

The Simpsons in Real Life
Show what The Simpsons cartoon characters will do in real life, if they quit the cartoon show.

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