Reaching Out
Reaching Out
Reaching Out. Reaching Out

Funny Just reached Halo level 5. buzzin LOL

Just reached Halo level 5. buzzin LOL
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Funny Real Man in Halo Reach Game

Real Man in Halo Reach Game
I play Halo Reach team slayer live online. Sword Base is one of my favorite battle maps, thought I would go there. My gammer tag is MoppinUpBlood. Here Im sporting the SMG machine gun and a Covenant Energy Sword, my favorite weapon. If you want that shotgun leaning against the wall, you'll have to go thru me. (:
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Two cups.... X 2 congrats. This is impressive work.
Thanks folks, thanks spinner. It's my Facebook profile pic, for now.

Funny Political Women Reach the Red Planet

Political Women Reach the Red Planet
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Faces should be more red to fit in with the rest of the image.
I'll congratulate you if you promise that they don't have to come back from the Red Planet.
Congratulations, Elegary. You have Great Image. A very close contest, only 5/100s separate 1st and 2nd place. Fantastic Job.

Funny Pouting Gorilla Looking at Out of Reach Grapes

Pouting Gorilla Looking at Out of Reach Grapes
Ever have one of those days when what you want seems just out of reach.
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Everyday. Can't touch that. Great Idea Hidden
He is thinking something different about this place
A great motivations or demotivational poster may be made with this chop.
Nice Work Gumster. He Dreams of Fay Wray. And of course those apples.
A really excellent chop that tells an entire story in its beautiful simplicity

Funny Mankind Reaching for the Moon

Mankind Reaching for the Moon
The enticing moon and humans drawn to it's enigmatic attractiveness...
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Lots of photoshop and 3-d work in this one to create this dark beauty.
Congrats on the silver moon, Arch. Another classic from you.
Thank you all for the votes and the lovely comments on my humble creation. Greatly appreciated.
Congrats. Nice pile of bodies and bones.

Funny Butterfly Out of reach

Butterfly Out of reach
all the credits on ...thank you for watching and voting

Funny Man on Ladder Tryig to Reach Moon

Man on Ladder Tryig to Reach Moon
sooooo closeee. please veiw in full and give advice
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very nice work, looks great, maybe just narrow the ladder to a point to bring in better view of distance...very cool concept
Great concept. I agree the ladder could be narrowed to a point where it touches the earth

Funny Reaching Out Kali

Reaching Out Kali
Titel: Reaching Out Kali Autor: "Exploding Art" Fotograf: "MURDOC the PSYCHO" Model: "Verena" Picture taken at the shooting with "Verena" and "Tom"

Funny Hand Reaching Out of Water

Hand Reaching Out of Water
In my never-ending quest for photorealism, I offer this for your discerning eyes ... please tell me what you think.
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the hand is great,but the reflection dosen't feel right, maybe it's to busy and dosen;t have the depth to it that the rest of pic has...I like this alot, but the reflection/shadow is to distracting for me. when I cover up the bottom of the pic it looks great. Then again maybe it;s just me. good work.
Point Of View; I looked at mine own hand's reflection in a bowl of water and tried to reproduce it faithfully, and this is what I came up with. Then I snapped a shot of my left hand and went from there ...the emergence sparkles were a bear.
Very nice, but (in my humble opinion) it would probably look better if the water (not the hand) was colored with a little bit more cyan than dark blue (a little bit like the center of the hand...
Cyan on paw comes from upper left (light source); refraction and all that, y'know. The hand is supposed to be translucent, and therefore should pick up Some color ...
Image Edit: while taking into consideration your comments; I edited this and added 'reflected sparkles' to further delineate the light source, perhaps adding to the photorealism. Thanks for your input.
Hidden, English is not my native language, so, I quickly made this to show you what I meant about cyan and dark blue repartition in my previous comment. It's probably just my personal taste, but it looks more natural to me. Again, your work is really good as it is and it is just an humble suggestion.
Next time, perhaps ... we shall see. (thanks, PaulHisson.)
Good job overall. I'd give the hand a higher contrast, like you did for the drops
great work kanakahaole i thought it's will be in the top 4 , but peoples don't know what you done here .. you must post some source with screen shot if you can , it's nice work but the background you chose not really good , try to find something good at next time I am so happy when I look at this design , keep going
Thanks, kratos, this means a lot coming from the 'watermaster'. The sources were mine own left hand and a stock clipart foto I have on my hard drive ...

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